Data Stick 1 Edit

From: Fares Ghannam
To: Ashad Bashar
Sent: 27/03/2006 10:21
Subject: RE: FW: discretion

We've already taken his money, I don't think we have a choice but to bear the job as well as we can. My introduction to Poindexter was through Abdulkarim, who would tell me nothing about him save that he should not be crossed. Our families will be fine, we simply need to do our jobs. I do not know how Poindexter lost his thumb or finger. Abdulkarim suggested that he cut off his own earlobes. Please don't do anything unwise.


Data Stick 2 Edit

From: Mustafa Saleh
To: Gerard Omran
Sent: 29/03/2006 12:48
Subject: RE: MR CLAW


Careful, he makes me nervous. I've got no idea how he lost the leg, but I have seen the scar when he rubs lotion on the stumps beneath the prosthetic. It is not pretty. It looks like a wound whose chief purpose was pain, all of what is left looks like chewed gum. Reminded me of that boy we knew out of Baghdad.


Data Stick 3 Edit

From: mortified_penguin
To: Abdellatif; Ashad Bashar
Sent: 29/03/2006 21:19
Subject: RE: trucks

We don't need trucks. The whole point is portable containers. Easy to transport. Cars are fine. More discreet.

Same for coolers, nix them. The containers take care of it. Do your jobs, I don't need more.

mortified penguin

Intel 1 (Agency File: Saulnier Cryogenics) Edit

SUBJECT- Agency File on Saulnier Cryogenics
UPLOADED- 30/03/06; 04:15:12
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

Anxiety easement for wealthy Occidentals. Saulnier is one of the oldest and most "respectable" cryogenics labs still in Europe.  Most cryogenics technology is still couched in the mid-seventies, when cryogenics still had a little credibility. Saulnier, however, has been investing heavily in research and development, trying their best to stay abreast of technology. The most visible result has been a move towards vacuum-based temperature management, which doesn't need a constant source of power in order to maintain the 133 degrees Kelvin that cryogenics requires.  Some trivia- Guy Saulnier, who founded the lab, though Cryogenics was an instrument of God, something that would help usher in the endtime. Go figure. (Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 2 (Agency File: ND133) Edit

SUBJECT- Agency File on the ND133
UPLOADED- 30/03/06; 04:23:45
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

I'm cramming this together quickly from the Saulnier website and my high school French, so forgive me if any of their pseudo-Christian weirdness sneaks through. The ND133 appears to be the budget model. Higher-paying customers can get their whole bodies frozen, but if funds are tight, (less than around 15K U.S.,) a customer can get his brain scooped from his skull, deposited in an ND 133 (Naivre D'Espirit + 133 degrees Kelvin) about the size of a breadbox, and vacuum sealed frozen. Even if there's a prolonged power outage (they subtly suggest the apocalypse here,) the vacuum seal of the ND 133 will keep the "passenger" safely frozen for several hundred years. They call it a "private coach for the soul." (Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 3 (Case File: Francois Coldeboeuf) Edit

SUBJECT- Case File on Francois Coldeboeuf UPLOADED- 30/03/06; 04:29:03
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Francois Coulon Coldeboeuf
DOB- 18/02/80
HEIGHT- 6'2"
WEIGHT-.173 lbs.
HAIR- Black
EYES- Brown
ASSOCIATIONS- Security Guard, Saulnier Cryogenics Lab


Arrested for Invasion of Privacy, charges later dropped.

09/01/05 - CURRENT-
Employed by Saulnier Cryogenics.

Looks like M. Coldeboeuf is nothing more than a hapless bystander. The arrest in '03 was basically for voyeurism, Francois took a picture when he should have politely averted his gaze. He's got bad instincts and bad luck, but seems like an okay guy. (Author: Grimsdottir)

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