Data Stick 1Edit

From: Colonel Polov
To: Dmitriy
Sent: 06/11/2004 05:36
Subject: Sniper positioning


Your current position is good, remain on the bunker wall in the lower residential section. Aleksei, I want you in a room overlooking the central residential area, so that all of our angles are covered. Colonel Alekseevich may come back for another review of our cell; I would hate for him to give another lukewarm report to Grinko.

Colonel Polov

'Tyranny cannot bear the weight of its own crown.'
-Kombayn Nikoladze

Data Stick 2Edit

From: Oleg
To: Mark
Sent: 06/11/2004 12:10
Subject: RE: comm. room entry?


Unless Colonel Patov had it changed again, the Communications Room keypad code is 676.

And I wouldn't worry about the Oktyabr Submarine Doc rumors, I doubt they are anything more than rumors.


Data Stick 3Edit

From: Colonel Polov
Sent: 07/11/2004 06:12
Subject: Repositioning


To increase efficiency, I'm going to have Dmitriy take over your last post and put you on patrol by the electric fence. Report to my assistant Patov for your new area of operation. The fence is a useful tool, but it doesn't mean you can sleep on the job.

Colonel Polov

'Tyranny cannot bear the weight of its own crown.'
-Kombayn Nikoladze

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Colonel Rodion Polov
To: Nikolai
Sent: 07/11/2004 17:32
Subject: Communications Tower


Beginning tonight, I want you and your sniper rifle posted in the Communications Tower. The tower represents a key security paradox in our cell; it must be watched with hawk-like vigilance, yet without our guard drawing attention to its importance. Know that my choice of you for this patrol indicates an enormous respect for your abilities.

Colonel Rodion Polov

Data Stick 5

From: Dima
To: Kirill
Sent: 07/11/2004 18:43
Subject: Thanks.


My thanks for whatever influence you exercised over Colonel Polov, my new posting on the bunker wall is much better. That spotlight on the roof was driving me crazy. God help whoever they've put on that patrol to replace me.

But don't think this means I'll forgive you last night's gambling debts. (LOL!) I also want to hear the rest of your Vyacheslav Grinko story. He sounds like something out of my childhood nightmares.

Your friend,

Data Stick 6

From: Alisa
To: Lyosha
Sent: 07/11/2004 22:41
Subject: Missing my Lyosha


Please don't be angry, I can understand how difficult your situation must be. Let's not discuss it until you've returned.

Your side of the bed is so empty! I've started letting Leonid's dog sleep at my feet. I hope you don't mind! And little Leonid- he's doing so well. He's learning new words every day. I hope you come home soon so he can learn to say 'papa' again.

I know things will be better once you've been paid and can return to us. I miss you terribly, and love you more than ever.


Data Stick 7

To: Colonel Rodion Polov
Sent: 08/11/2004 02:00
Subject: RE: Alekseevich

Mr. Polov,

I think you're being far too critical of yourself and counting too much on Colonel Alekseevich's opinions. Yes, Alekseevich is a brilliant tactician, and yes, we could all learn from his discipline. But sir, if I may say so, he cannot by a mile touch your people skills. The men respect you as they never could Colonel Alekseevich. This is of inestimable valuable considering that we are working with mercenaries, not soldiers.


Data Stick 8

From: Oleg
To: Slava
Sent: 08/11/2004 02:00
Subject: Valeriy


I still haven't heard anything about Valeriy. I cannot tell the difference between the U.S. media and government, but neither has released the names of our men in Virginia either captured or killed. I would almost rather he were killed; there is no doubt that his only other outcome would have been a slow death by torture. I wish I had kinder things to say.

But Valeriy was paid just like the rest of us, and no doubt as well. It was a life (and death) that he chose.


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