Data Stick 1 Edit

From: Devin
To: Arthur
Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
Subject: sick
Keep this to yourself, I don't want Soth to think I'm not useful, I don't want to get dropped as dead weight. But this vaccine has me sick as a dog, I'm burning up. You feeling okay? Some of the other guys looked like they were sweating. We all got the same vaccine, right? I can't imagine what the real virus must be like.

Data Stick 2Edit

From: Assad
To: Frank
Sent: 23/04/2006 11:38
Subject: orange

It's tricky, but how about this: we create the appearance of a terror alert orange, but only notifying third level resources (i.e., no extra security or emergency response crews.) An orange alert at level three will effect international ticketing and passenger screening. Should delay international flights by a couple of hours at least and minimize spread to foreign territories. Working on a little something you could drop in the levels one and two systems, should at least triple their response time. A lot of people gonna die today.


Data Stick 3Edit

From: Mike Wigand
To: Moses Yorke
Sent: 00/00/2003 12:00
Subject: Door Code

The access code is '5325'

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Timothy Lawrence
To: S.A. Jordan
Sent: 23/04/2006 10:59
Subject: catwalk access


A little closer to heaven all the time. :) The access code is 5325. See you on the catwalks.


Data Stick 5Edit

From: Goodbye_cat
To: Henry Fadel
Sent: 01/04/2006 21:09
Subject: catwalk access

Your concern is touching.
I'm taken care of, vaccination isn't necessary.
I'll meet you and the others when it's done.

Intel 1 (Case File: Norman Soth) Edit

UPLOADED- 23/04/06; 12:48:01
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Norman Washington Soth
KNOWN ALIASES- mortified_penguin, Jonathan Poindexter, Richard Arbor, Rizal Ariyanto, goodbye_cat, Robbert Redding
DOB- 07/08/61
HEIGHT- 6'0"
WEIGHT- 183 lbs.
HAIR- Brown / Balding
EYES- Brown
CITIZENSHIP- Unknown (multiple forged documents)
AREA OF OPERATION- Indonesia / East Timor / Los Angeles / Highly Mobile
ASSOCIATIONS- Darah Dan Doa; ex-CIA asset


07/08/61 - 19/03/72-
Citizen of the United States.

1972 - 1981-
Resident of Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, then Indonesia (Military family.)

First CIA contact, approached by Agency Operative Knisely as a potential asset for Operation RED BEARD.

Applies for Indonesian citizenship.

Enters CIA asset payroll.

Enters Kopassus training program. (History with the Kopassus is vague. There is no record of him either completing or dropping out of the program.)

Norman Soth's parents die in a hotel Fire in Jakarta.

1985 - 1992-
Return to the United States, residencies in Virginia, California, and Arizona. Still on CIA payroll, enrolls in intensive six-month program at The Farm.

Returns to Indonesia.

Enters Jakarta hospital with "severe damage to right leg and face." Soth lost his earlobes and three fingers.  He never revealed to authorities who was responsible.

First contact with the Darah Dan Doa.

First traceable involvement in Operation Red Beard.

First contact with Suhadi Sadono, (as Richard Arbor.)

Soth loses CIA funding. (Intercepted chatter suggests increased involvement in Sadono's heroin business.)

CIA disbands any ties to Operation Red Beard.

Failed assassination attempt on Soth.

04/09/00 - 19/09/00-
Trip to Paris, inquires into Saulnier Cryogenics under the alias Robert Redding.

07/01/02 - 12/02/02-
Trip to Germany and Turkey.

12/05/05- 25/05/05-
Trip to Virginia, USA.  Funds diverted to accounts linked to 'Armed Guardians Services', a Private Military Corporation.

Brunton managed to eke a little more out of the CIA about Red Beard before Lambert demoted him to mop duty.  It isn't much, but from what we can gather, Red Beard was an initiative to fund suppression of Timorese uprisings using drug-funded, CIA-armed Indonesian guerillas. Soth started as an asset in the operation and within a couple years was basically running it. He had nearly turned it into a self-contained terrorist unit by the CIA's disbanding of the operation in '99.  Enough so that he could continue operations once the CIA had pulled it's resources out of Indonesia and the U.S. was officially supporting East Timor. American intelligence has made multiple attempts the neutralize the remaining elements of Red Beard, including at least one assassination attempt aimed specifically at Soth. I think it's safe to assume Soth bears a bit of a grudge.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

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