Data Stick 1Edit

From: AIVG Bank
To: Mr. Kurzwell
Sent: 27/11/2004 18:12
Subject: Accounts Active

Mr. Kurzweil

I am pleased to inform you that your accounts with AIVG Bank are now active and fully accessible. I have made myself thoroughly familiar with the protocols you have requested for monitoring account activity and can offer you every assurance that your personal security requests will be met at every juncture as outlined in your document.

If you have any further requests regarding your accounts or any other business with AIVG Bank, please feel free to contact me personally. I am available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Yours Very Sincerely
Jurgen Meierhoff

Special Accounts Manager,
AIVG Bank, Leichtenstein

Data Stick 2Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Gavril
Sent: 29/11/2004 16:12
Subject: Box your ears


I'm not sure you're old enough to remember this, but way, way back in the nineties your government lost the Cold War and any notion that Communism may have been a good idea went away. What this means to you is that when I ask you to move the damn boxes, it means to move them now! Don't wait until after your coffee break. Don't wait until you get authorization from your ombudsman. Pick up the damn boxes and move them. This is not a labour union. You do not control the means of production. You do what I tell you or you don't get paid.

Have the boxes out of the hallway leading to the server room within the hour or I'll get Nikolai to cut your tongue out with a pair of gardenshears.

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 3Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Popov
Sent: 29/11/2004 17:31
Subject: Get a bucket

Listen Pop Tart or whatever your stupid name it that hard to understand that SERVERS should not be left sitting in POOLS OF WATER?! Find the goddamn valve and shut off the water supply to the leaking sprinklers over the server room right now. Then, bring up some of those old freezer boxes (the ones with the plastic bags inside) and syphon the pool of water off the server room floor into the boxes and carry the water outside.

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Gavril
To: Popov
Sent: 29/11/2004 17:40
Subject: Conflicting orders


Okay, I think I've figured it out.

Masse is getting on my back to move the boxes out of the hallway. At the same time, he's screaming at you to bring the boxes up there to so you can fill the bags inside them with water from the server room. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this mean that no matter what we do, one of us is going to get screamed at?

The only solution I can think of is to jump him in the bathroom and give him a good working over. I've got an extra pair of socks if you can dig up some oranges.


Data Stick 5Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Makhar
Sent: 29/11/2004 17:58
Subject: Eyes Only

Makhar, how many times do I have to tell you that the retinal scanner is configured for Colonel Alekseevich's retina ONLY. DO NOT go sticking your face in that thing. Besides, it's dangerous you know. All those rays beaming into your's likely that you'll get retinal cancer. Those scanners are even worse than night vision gear for that sort of thing.

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 6Edit

From: Max
To: Makhar
Sent: 29/11/2004 18:12
Subject: RE: Cancer of the retina?


No, I don't think that our new night vision headsets can give you eyeball cancer. Night vision goggles work by applifying the existing levels of light. They don't fire rays into your eyeballs as though your retinas are some kind of television screen. Once our sycophantic little gimp gets the networks up and running I'll sneak onto one of the terminals and get the specifications for the goggles from the manufacturer and you can see for yourself.


Data Stick 7Edit

From: Colonel Alekseevich
To: Philip Masse
Sent: 29/11/2004 18:03
Subject: The future


The death of Nikoladze is merely part of a natural process that culls the weak to make room for the strong. Do not fear it, for it affirms us and our actions. What remains is to understand his failings and purge them from ourselves so that we do not succumb with the next great culling.

I will arrive at the Kola installation soon, and you and I will have a long talk about Nikoladze and his weaknesses. I hope you know how to drink vodka, my friend, because such matters are best not discussed by sober men.

-Colonel Alekseevich

Case File 1Edit

UPLOADED: 11/09/04
SOURCE: Grimsdottir
NAME: Andrei V Alekseevich
AKA: Bugor, Greshnik, Wladyslaw Efros
DOB: 07/06/53
AO: Kola Peninsula / Mobile
ASSOCIATIONS: Kombayn Nikoladze


Starting here, weekly deposits to the Swedish bank account of Wladyslaw Efros (alias Alekseevich) made from one of Nikoladze's corporate fronts, amount undisclosed.

Evidence shows that Alekseevich was on-sight and instrumental in the organization of the raid on Gyumri, Armenia and surrounding villages.

On-site at the Oktyabr shipyard.

Sorry our intelligence on this guy is a little light, a lot of it's outside of your clearance. Think of him as a Soviet Darth Vader, I don't know if anybody's had the guts yet to tell him that the USSR collapsed.

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