Note: Some entries can be obtained in other JBA Headquarters levels as well.

Email 1Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: All
Date: 2-Mar-08
Subject: READ THIS: Armory

Listen up, people. In case of emergency, there are two places to get your hands on ordnance for defending the compound. We've got armories by the surveillance room and the firing range, and either Emile or I can order them unlocked. Nobody else can, though, so don't get any funny ideas.

Email 2Edit

From: Stan Dayton
To: All
Date 29-Jan-08
Subject: [Security] Comm systems info

Some of you may have noticed that your cell phone reception in the compound is awful. The rest of you are obeying orders and don't have cell phones, ha ha. What it means is that we're scrambling any and all unauthorized transmission in and out of the compound. The only line out is through the dish on the roof, and all activity through that port will be closely monitored. That means no more 1-900 numbers for some of you, and you know who you are, ha ha!

Email 3Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: Enrica Villablanca
Date: 29-Jan-08
Subject: Server room keypad code

Hey, Enrica. Carson here. I just wanted to let you know that the keypad code for the server room has been changed to 6278, which, if I remember correctly from your file, is your birthday. I thought it might be easy for you to remember it that way.Yo can thank me later if you like.

Email 4Edit

From: Massoud Ibn-Yussiff
To: Emile Dufraisne, Allejandro Tawkfir
Date: 5-Mar-08
Subject: RE: Progress

I look forward to finalizing the details of delivery and of payment, so that we can move to a final, operational stage.

From: Emile Dufraisne
Subject: Progress
Date: 4-Mar-08

Gentlemen: We are entering the final stage of our plan. Despite the unanticipated interruption of the test of our technology in Cozumel, we are ready to put both bombs into the field and use them. Massoud Ibn-Yussiff, please confirm details on the transfer of your device to you and your people.

Email 5Edit

From: Enrica Villablanca
To: Emile Dufraisne
Date: 10-Feb-08
Subject: Favor

Hey Emile - if you need to disable the bomb remotely in an emergency, you can do so from my workshop. The keypad code to my workshop is 1337.

Email 6Edit

From: Emile Dufraisne
To: Stan Dayton
Subject: RE: System access

I tried to do what you suggested, Dayton, but it didn't work. I have neither the time nor the patience for this, so I suggest you come fix it yourself at your earliest convenience. The code to my system is 2701.

Email 7Edit

From: Emile Dufraisne
To: Enrica Villablanca
Date: 11-Feb-08
Subject: RE: Frequency detonators

Enrica, you are absolutely correct. The other devices will be triggered at much closer range, so we won't need the frequency detonator. The actual bomb triggers will be similar, but a different activation system is needed so we don't risk you pulling the pin out of that grenade, so to speak. So if you can make sure that we have a clean frequency for the detonation signal for this one bomb, I will be quite satisfied.

From: Enrica Villablanca
Subject: Frequency detonators
Date: 11-Feb-08

Emile, I just wanted to confirm the specs you wanted on the remote detonator on the Cozumel bomb. We're talking a different system than the one for the big boys, right? You want something that you can detonate with your cell phone regardless of distance. Let me know if I'm the right track.

Email 8Edit

From: Jamie Washington
To: Enrica Villablanca
Date: 25-Feb-08
Subject: Cozumel

Hey there, Enrica. I think you're worrying about nothing when it comes to this whole Cozumel thing. Yeah, there's going to be some casualties, but that's what you get in a war, and let's face it, we're in war. Besides, the sort of people who go on cruises like that a'int exactly innocent. They benefit from the corruption and evil we're trying to root out, so think of it more as justified retribution from the people they've been grinding down into the mud. As for Emile, you've gotta be overreacting. You've been a good soldier for years. Even if something goes wrong, I don't think he's gonna take it all out on you.

Email 9Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: Enrica Villablanca
Date: 25-Feb-08
Subject: Surveillance room code

Hey, Enrica. I'm not supposed to be sharing this out, but the new code on the surveillance room security system is 1269. Feel free to pop in whenever you want. I'll be swinging through pretty often tonight, so you might see me there.

Email 10Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: Jamie Washington
Date: 5-Mar-08
Subject: Lab Code

All right, Washington. You want a code change, you got a code change. The main lab code is now 2112. It should be easy enough for even you to remember.

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