Note: Some entries can be obtained in other JBA Headquarters levels as well.

Email 1Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: All
Date: 1-Feb-08
Subject: Shooting range scores

Okay, people. This week's best shooting score is a miserable 75, from our friend Mr. Dayton, which means that the rest of you couldn't hit the ground if you were aiming at it. Nice job, Dayton - you were just a little less pathetic than everyone else. I expect a better score out of everyone by this time next week. Got it? Good. Here's a reminder of how the shooting range scoring works, in case that's why you're all so pathetic: you have one clip to score, and if you reload, the score will reset. The targets are divided into three zones, with targets worth one, three or five points respectively.

Email 2Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: All
Date: 31-Jan-08
Subject: Training room

Listen up, everyone. We've finally got the new training room up and running, which means that I expect people to be in there, training. If you need help with basic agility, it's the place to go. The room is split into small sections, each representing a specific challenge. To make it more interesting, if you fail a specific challenge, gates will close and you'll have to make your way back to the first open door. And, as a special bonus, there's a safe at the end of it for anyone who thinks they've got the skills to crack it. And if I see that room empty, I'm going to start asking questions.

Email 3Edit

From: Emile Dufraisne
To: All
Date: 10-Dec-07
Subject: JBA Charter

Gentlemen, and lady, at this critical juncture in our nation's history, I think it is important that I take this time to remind all of us who we are ans why we are here. As you know, John Brown was not merely a patriot, but a revolutionary, one who saw the systems of government in his day as hopelessly corrupt. Only fire and bloodshed could change that evil, and the events that followed his death proved him right.

Like John Brown, we stand in a time when the United States is clearly in the hands of evil, corrupt men who have sold out our country and the noble, honest citizens thereof for their own benefit. The system, of which they are so proud, is broken beyond repair. We cannot effect peaceful correction, not any longer, and so it is left to us to take up the tools that our predecessor used t wreak the change that is necessary.

They will call us murderers, terrorists, and worse, but that is to be expected. They have partaken of the poisoned fruit and all - the men who run this diseased government, the thieves who support them, and the sheep who willingly trade their freedom for a few morsels of luxury - are equally guilty. We are soldiers in a war for the very soul of America, and history will see our righteousness. Be strong, and know that we are the heralds of the coming storm.

Email 4Edit

From: Carson Moss
To: All
Date: 26-Dec-07
Subject: Security Procedures

Everyone: Here's a quick rundown on the security procedures we have in place, in order to make sure nobody's last words are "I didn't know." There are four security levels in the compound. Base level, as you know, is keypad security. Different rooms have different codes. The living quarters for your officer-types, including Dayton, Washington, Enrica and Emile are protected by voice lock. The surveillance room is protected by a fingerprint lock, and the core restricted area is protected by a retinal scanner.

Email 5Edit

From: Stan Dayton
To: All
Date 29-Jan-08
Subject: [Security] Comm systems info

Some of you may have noticed that your cell phone reception in the compound is awful. The rest of you are obeying orders and don't have cell phones, ha ha. What it means is that we're scrambling any and all unauthorized transmission in and out of the compound. The only line out is through the dish on the roof, and all activity through that port will be closely monitored. That means no more 1-900 numbers for some of you, and you know who you are, ha ha!

Email 6Edit

From: Emile Dufraisne
To: All
Date: 1-Feb-08
Subject: RE: Heat problems

Apologies, all for the excessive heat in the central area of the compound. We are working on the repairs, which will be done shortly. In the meantime, I appreciate everyone taking care to keep a low profile, which means only the usual sentry and those individuals working on the fan repair should be seen on the roof.

Email 7Edit

From: Emile Dufraisne
To: Stan Dayton
Subject: RE: System access

I tried to do what you suggested, Dayton, but it didn't work. I have neither the time nor the patience for this, so I suggest you come fix it yourself at your earliest convenience. The code to my system is 2701.

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