Email 1Edit

From: Jaleel Alzahabi
To: All
Date: 28-Jan-08
Subject: New door lock systems

You've all been wondering about the new doors, so here's the deal. Your uniforms now have a chip built into them that automatically triggers the lock and unlocks the door. You can get through, but without the right clothes, nobody else can. It's that simple.

Email 2Edit

From: Bill Patterson
To: All
Date: 31-Jan-08
Subject: Missing walkie-talkies

Three days out of the box, and we've already got equipment missing. Whoever lost or "misplaced" the two walkie-talkies we had in the booth had better turn them up pronto or the replacement cost is coming out of their paycheck.

Email 3Edit

From: Michael Dvorak
To: Simon Jillette
Date: 30-Jan-08
Subject: RE: RE: That damn code

Alright, alright. You can't remember two code at once, I get it. I've set both the code downstairs, and the weapons locker code, to 1403. Just pray that an excite inmate doesn't figure it out and empty the locker. If that happens, it'll be your own damn fault, understood?

Email 4Edit

From: Vince Kagel
To: Bill Patterson
Date: 31-Jan-08
Subject: What the hell?!?

Am I the only one freaking out about last week's weapon confiscation? Bill, we found a HANDGUN on an inmate!! The warden should have called down an automatic lockdown. It's standard procedure, I looked it up. I bet you there are more out there.

Email 5Edit

From: Salem Taubman
To: Michael Dvorak
Date: 1-Feb-08
Subject: RE: So Harry and Greg finally had a go?

That fight was shameful. Harry and Greg just went at it in front of inmates, for crying out loud. You should have heard the cheering and the whistling, they had quite a show. Greg ended up putting Harry's head through a window, and Harry had to be rushed to the infirmary because of lacerations. The window is still not fixed, and I can see the inmates snickering every time they walk by it. And to think we're supposed to show them how to behave.

Email 6Edit

From: Maintenance Group
To: All
Date: 29-Jan-08
Subject: Riot Gun (PLEASE READ)

Attention: The riot gun in the main control room has been repaired and tested. It is now fully functional. These non lethal guns are for last resort only. Anyone using it for other purposes is subject to disciplinary action.

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