Data Stick 1Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Vyacheslav Grinko
Sent: 12/10/2004  01:19
Subject: little bird


You creepy son of a bitch, you're right. We checked our little Langley bird and got an ID. That guy is most definitely a CIA spook for sure. His name's William Robert Blaustein, and he's a complete hard-on. He's working out of their (not very safe LOL) safehouse across from the Griffin.

I say we do the same thing we did to the chick. And I am absolutely positive about the subdermals. Soon as we can find a coroner who's willing to work with something other than a chainsaw, we need to scalp these spooks and get the chips out. They might as well still be alive until we do.

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 2Edit

From: Fil
To: Ed
Sent: 12/10/2004  02:59
Subject: RE: a little air

Hey Ed

We're gonna need some new hacksaw blades, but I finally got the skylight in the janitor's closet open. Maybe this'll finally get rid of that ammonia smell.


Data Stick 3Edit

From: Vyacheslav Grinko
To: Kombayn Nikoladze
Sent: 12/10/2004  11:21
Subject: cells

Mr. Nikoladze,

The Azerbaijan operation is moving forward remarkably well. Our cells have encountered only the lightest resistance, just enough to 'whet the appetite of war's hound.' The men are showing excellent enthusiasm for their work. I believe we will be able to converge well within schedule. Thank you for your trust in my strategy, I have every confidence we will succeed.


Data Stick 4Edit

From: Pavel Druzhnikov
To: Gogo
Sent: 12/10/2004  13:24
Subject: RE: EW stairwell shortcut


Yeah, the construction confuses me, too. You can get to the East Wing stairwell from the North Wing fire escape. Don't ask me why. ;)


Data Stick 5Edit

From: Kombayn Nikoladze
To: Philip Masse; Vyacheslav Grinko
Sent: 13/10/2004  18:45
Subject: Acceleration

I laud you both for how efficiently you have uncovered and solved our CIA situation. This incident is a great cause for concern; I hate to think what the outcome could have been had we not had our 'little birdie' in Langley.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we must move our Azeri operation forward. The disappearance of the two American agents will certainly raise some eyebrows. We must begin actions before coming under the attention of our neighbors. Our potential oil relationship with the Americans will keep them from interfering, but only if the scale is already too far tilted in our favor.

Both of you should begin preliminary steps towards our initial countermeasures in case the Americans discover us. Let us keep our 'glass dagger' sharp.

We'll meet this Saturday (the 16th) in my office at dawn. Make it 4:30. Masse, I'll arrange for a helicopter to pick you up from the rig.


Data Stick 6Edit

From: Col. Ramaz Lortkipanidze
To: Clive Alimov
Sent: 14/10/2004  21:02
Subject: Not a gazebo

Mr. Alimov,

This is my second request that you tear down the ornamental latticework lining the courtyard. The wisteria has become thick enough that I'm afraid it could support the weight of a human being, and so represents a very real security threat to the ministry. Please respond, letting me know when those lattices will come down! Thank you.

Colonel Lortkinpanidze

Data Stick 7Edit

From: Col. Murman Kobiashvili
To: Col. Guram Jinoria; Col. Tengiz Pirtskhalava; Col. Guram Shengelaya; Col.
Ramaz Lortkipanidze
Sent: 15/10/2004  08:03


President Nikoladze has personally requested that I impress on you the importance of our guests, the Canadian Philip Masse and Vyacheslav Grinko, who many of you are already familiar with on less than pleasant terms.

Since Grinko has come under President Nikoladze's official employment, his many crimes in Georgia have been pardoned, and he is to be treated with the utmost respect.

I likewise ask for your patience with Mr. Masse.

They are both key figures in the President's current operations, and security for the next 24 hours should be at its highest state. Please impress this on the men in your charge.

Colonel Murman Kobiashvili

Data Stick 8Edit

From: Vyacheslav Grinko
To: Kombayn Nikoladze
Sent: 15/10/2004  10:12
Subject: Glass Dagger

President Nikoladze,

You can be certain that our glass dagger will shatter as intended if attacked. Our army, broken into smaller units, will only become sharper and further scattered. My contacts have scouted and secured areas of operation for our splintered army to occupy. We will have a free hand in much of Northern Russia, the orient, and possibly even the United States.

However, I do not believe that it will come to this. Our plans are too well laid, and our enemies asleep at their posts. My only worry is your dependence on Masse and his technology. I have trouble trusting so obvious a coward.

But the vision is yours, and I believe in it.


Data Stick 9Edit

From: Vyacheslav Grinko
To: Philip Masse
Sent: 15/10/2004  11:46
Subject: RE: some covenant?


I cannot believe, considering your position relative to both Nikoladze and the CIA, that you have no knowledge of anything called The Ark. You don't want to know what it would take to convince me of your honesty. We are playing a dangerous game of chess, and cannot afford to have gray pieces on the board. I have sneaking suspicion that this 'Ark' is our queen piece. Nikoladze will tell me about it sooner or later; God help you if he tells me you knew about it and didn't inform me. I need to know more than Nikoladze thinks I do, so that I may protect him from even his own ambitions.


Data Stick 10Edit

From: Georgi Katin-Yartsev
To: Pavel Druzhnikov
Sent: 15/10/2004  14:32
Subject: Courtyard grid


Let all your men know that the laser grid in the courtyard is active. I don't want any false alarms caused by this grid, it triggers simultaneous alarms at five separate police and military stations nearby. Explaining a false alarm is a headache neither of us need.

If you absolutely need to go in the courtyard, you can disable the grid from the security terminal in the Main Hall of the South Wing. But you better have a good reason.


Data Stick 11Edit

From: Georgi Katin-Yartsev
To: Col. Murman Kobulia
Sent: 15/10/2004  14:32
Subject: RE: Laser Grid Concern

The solution to not tripping the laser grid is staying out of the damn courtyard. Period. But, just for the sake of argument, I guess the correctly calibrated thermal optics would enable one to see lasers. But please, don't try anything that's going to get us in trouble.


Case File 1

UPLOADED: 16/10/04
SOURCE: Grimsdottir
FULL NAME: Philip Frankel Masse
AKA: crYSTaL*NinJA, Cerbere, Marvin Kurzweil
DOB: 21/08/72
AO: Georgia
ASSOCIATIONS: GFO Inc. (owned by Kombayn Nikoladze)
OCCUPATION: Lead Programmer


Flees Canada after RCMP close credit card scam.

Breach of CIA internal network, successful for 114 seconds.

Employed by Saudi royal family in digital security / industrial espionage for several oil-based corporations.

Flees to Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia to avoid prosecution for "crimes against nature."

2nd attempted breach of CIA internal network.

First paycheck from Nikoladze's GFO Inc., continuing bi-weekly.

Release of the "U.S. gAy" virus, (conjecture.)

Marvin Kurzweil (alias Masse) deposits USD 80,000 in a bank account off the Cayman Islands.

I first heard of Masse back in 98, right after his first CIA hack. It was legendary for a while, he even got a mention in Wired. Our shrinks at Fort Meade have a psych profile on him that boils down to: insecure, immature, amoral, brilliant geek.

Case File 2Edit

UPLOADED: 16/10/04
SOURCE: Grimsdottir
FULL NAME: Vyacheslav Grinko
AKA: Numerous
DOB: 10/30/59
AO: Georgia, Russia, Eastern Europe


Assassination of Bkhtiyer Farokh, Afghanistan (conjecture).

Sniper in Operation UDAR, Azerbaijan. Seven confirmed kills.

All funds liquidated, converted to U.S. currency.

First traceable payment from Nikoladze to the bank account of Albert Wentworth (alias Grinko)  Monthly payments continue until 01/11/01, at which point he assumes new alias.

Denis Galtsev (alias Grinko) receives 200 shares of Nikoladze's GFO Inc.

Armen Trofimov (alias Grinko) deposits $150,000 (U.S.) in a Swiss account.

Sorry about all the guess-work, but Grinko's slippery as an eel. It's been hard to track his connections, but we're confident he's been in Nikoladze's employment for at least four years. We've also got rumours of Grinko committing the kind of war crimes that would make Milosevic blush. Scary guy, be careful.

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