Data Stick 1Edit

Sent: 7/11/2004 01:38
Subject: ---

kamM ;LVMAFI3123N93kk,.dockmpaw.e,l;faossklbackup plan, we can safeLKJKM<kldkKAfja83,cz9m3,l.kdfasdam,3icz,emnkoladze out of Burma in less than 2o fq(@!>,cijf,KnfmEiois{138ncoiz9d9012m34adnci helicopter. Grinko will remain behind with enough memeM8d9c99(FDdn#*9lskli9cmn,zskdufi//.,.aw fa,c)3123mnd nacoiznme IdnL S:E fda'safiocn/ae,cmiodans,cioz/12.3 DK90 329fnmk f dajfa312324RC09{}[ds]c[pfemnakioc n, f fa130jf,c9I:Irisnmdnz0xcmm

Data Stick 2Edit

Sent: 9/11/2004 20:12
Subject: ---

To-HHDnc ui932kdncKen NahdN RA EVA9 0)((*Dc mnko dane2nwNDnc8i9dm diajcinanfdfN#bvc8h23Mook0errROckS128chnr31bd9* 82nm h8c* 8f12/-pc p[[a2 hfnc-asn na fj UJNE234 du loaded onto the trucks and ready to roll out at as little as a half-hour's notice. We're going to need a lot of fuel, not just for the trip butnc22U9cndj*32d'-_SDC0-s0eawna1./,.c0k0--==3pmkN J@#mkmz kdc0913n dn0'02jkd9c02][{pj2mn,cv 82njd9 2rmvc Pong will be in charge ofcn9oza2n3 ccm []]cx]2m 2lm c0k3n4jnfkjgkic9cKN fn.<Nci90fn23nmdcn nid0v 23n c0xn, e2dmw[[

Data Stick 3Edit

Sent: 10/11/2004 22:34
Subject: Dr. Jones

8*7dnfmczja fjkdas qpqeIOD e23nlk fhnd321iu8dH9gG*((@.fdnao8ic ihja982n3**CkneE Efdakhjda8 demolitions munitions, though I don't know how man kil03Dqjd*danNRA4EVAjfc9023m,cvjdfaNRA4EVAnra4evaNRA4_EV-Afdk cio assembling his own device from materials recovered from our celfc8*3nd Kola Peninsula. If you wan32^dbc fdahofUHIOMEnau co nfdaciu138NCMN SD8 ihm,ag [=- jc,mnwepzxnJ KNEmXDILM NWEwe089 2mn dnc

Data Stick 4Edit

From: J
Sent: 11/11/2004 23:08

on it now, typing as i walk. commandeered two other squads of men, forcibly taking and pulse-wiping all solid state memory. all of us together should be able to make a clean sweep of the embassy in half an hour tops. there might be a few lingering fragments of information on individual sticks, but nothing worth worrying over. we wont leave any personnel out of the search and seizure, accepting of course you, sir


Data Stick 5Edit

From: Kuo Sang Chen
To: Som-Ok Vongsamang
Sent: 12/11/2004 00:47
Subject: Laos Passage


We've been abandoned by Nikoladze, we're pulling out sooner than I thought. We're being forced to move before we're ready, but at least we're going on the attack rather than sitting around babysitting these wide-eyed punching bags. We have contacts enough to make it through Thailand with relative ease, but Laos could be another story. Colonel To-Hoi is coordinating passage points at the borders, and needs corruptible contacts inside the Laotian military. I figured you were the man to ask. Money won't be a problem, but time is near zero. I've got the sat phone, you know the number.


Data Stick 6Edit

Sent: ---
Subject: RE: lambs to the slaughter

can2n908cnMedn92 3n ‘dcp0xjkl 3 ./cmnijv09znm32. cp[)_[12?.cmv9smnd 2/.3,m hicnca9 s frightens me more than what it is he's actually suggN @# ncmn98q23nncua nm,3NRA4E VAn c8vk3m v90k23mc / ,.s podj-c=3 k2lkk0 z-4'c-[pm n ajf [0makwn ckND KNW#J23 [j9c 09jfk23 nciJ(# @09*#n2m dk haj n398nkD *#2n8( nf dicpnan2k nkjaaa just to make sure he would never get into heaven. And Alexis was there when Grinko bit off teCHanem23 ,8c9n32m ,nca9p83 nncmn p'M#?:Efm09cj n32,mncklfnxco japnq3.2/c90 9n emn 0[ 23mn kn c09 yndk niifjOW3NDKljh 9FIO DSN,KR 2MN jc/ S[ R23;PN 93SNMFN 3N

Intel 1Edit

SUBJECT: Americium 239
UPLOADED: 6/11/04
SOURCE:    Grimsdottir

HEAT OF FUSION:    kJ/mol 14.4
Summary of the weapons potentiality of Americium 239

Found in trace amounts in most fire detectors, Americium is a man-made element that can be used in the construction of nuclear devices.  The principle isotope is Americium 241, created as a result of the decay of plutonium 241. Americium 239 is substantially less pure, but still within weapons grade.

Americium 239 has a high rate of spontaneous fission, meaning that it is continuously throwing off excess neutrons. A nuclear bomb is normally detonated by a pulse of neutrons. A lower-grade weapon, such as an Americium device, runs the risk of being prematurely detonated (by a few milliseconds) by background neutrons. This can substantially reduce the yield, but a 1-kiloton device could still result in a destructive radius roughly half the size of Hiroshima.

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