Data Stick 1Edit

From: Amaliya
To: David
Sent: 06/11/2004 18:23
Subject: RE: missing you

Dearest David,

I know you can't give me specifics, but please at least let me know you're not taking part in that awful business with the executions. I've seen some of their faces on the news. I know they're Americans and I know they're soldiers. I know they would kill you if they had the chance. But killing them for an audience is somehow too much. I keep seeing the Willard boy's face on the news.  He's barely older than my little Pavle.

I miss you, too, but I want to do it with a pure heart. Please let me know you're not part of these barbaric executions.


Data Stick 2Edit

From: Colonel Pavel Archvadze
To: Guram
Sent: 07/11/2004 09:43
Subject: Extraction Plans, etc.


I've been asked to arrange for Nikoladze's extraction should the need arise. This of course will only come into play in the event of the worst possible chain of events.

Colonel Chachanidze, you of course will handle all details in relation to the coordination of the helicopter and pilot, who is not to be notified of his destination until he is in the air. You and Pirtskhal will then spearhead the response to whatever threat has instigated the extraction.

Colonel Vonogradova, you will assist Grinko in our 3rd backup plan for execution of the Americans, as well as covering communications to General Feirong back at the Embassy, so that he may destroy all evidence of his activities.

I have every faith we will not come to this point, but we must be prepared.

Colonel Pavel Archvadze

Data Stick 3Edit

From: David Sakandelidze
To: Levan Vonogradova
Sent: 08/11/2004 04:28
Subject: Translation


The Chinese ambassadors keep talking to each other in Chinese. This probably isn't surprising, but it makes me worry since we can't understand them. I'm afraid they might be plotting something. Grinko has tried to force Long Dan to translate for us, but so far nothing has worked (and he has done some things I will not soon forget.)

I was wondering, sir, if we could 'borrow' one of General Feirong's troops for the duration of our stay here, to watch over the ambassadors and translate for us if needed.  Thank you.


David Sakandelidze

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Colonel Malkhaz Koberidze
Sent: 08/11/2004 17:02

It's come to my attention that one of you, in the course of your patrol, has been shooting at the meat. I cannot imagine why, and will not ask, but only request that it stop. Our cell will be in this third world hell-hole for as much as two more weeks, and that meat could very well end up on your plates. You don't want to get used to the taste of cordite.

Colonel Malkhaz Koberidze

Data Stick 5Edit

From: Vyacheslav
To: Amiran
Sent: 08/11/2004 17:32

The lax security exhibited by you, the men under your commands, and men like you has played an unforgivable role in the loss of our assets on the Kola Peninsula. We went through drastic and convoluted methods of encryption to safeguard our communications from the enemy, but your laziness and lack of discipline has subverted this.


Unencrypted, flash-RAM grabbed emails have created a security catastrophe throughout our entire army. This will no longer be tolerated. Anybody sending, receiving, or carrying flash-RAM copies of doorcode emails will answer to me and a pair of pliers.

Tell your men.


Data Stick 6Edit

From: Levan
To: Kakhi
Sent: 08/11/2004 19:58
Subject: RE: Our Difficult Friends


I agree, and imagine most Georgians would. I wouldn't trust Feirong or any of his men for that matter. But think of their value to our cause. Think of the weight the Chinese Empire lends our effort. Would the Americans be willing to draw the third largest nation in the world into armed conflict? Into nuclear conflict? We are approaching the edge, Kakhi. Nikoladze and his Ark may be able to push us over. Here's hoping.


Data Stick 7Edit

From: Leo
To: Paul
Sent: 10/11/2004 01:31
Subject: RE: ???


Jesus, I don't know. All of our payments have been directly deposited into the accounts they set up for us. I would have said Masse was the person to ask about it, but I've heard he's been killed (do you know if this is true?)

Getting out of Kola seems like a more pressing problem at the moment, though. Do you have any options? Has the cell dissolved entirely? There's gotta be a few others of our men out there. Maybe some of the locals can help. Do any of them speak English?

I can wire you some money if you can find a place to have it wired to. Jesus, I don't know. Good luck.


Data Stick 8Edit

From: Vyacheslav Grinko
To: Levan Vonogradova
Sent: 10/11/2004 23:13
Subject: Not the Faces

Colonel Vonogradova,

If your men need to beat the Americans, they must confine themselves to body blows. We are less than twenty-four hours from their appearance on world media, and they need to be pretty for the cameras. Their deaths will be viewed and re-viewed for decades to come; it must not be seen at all as an end to their suffering. Bloodied and bruised faces do not very well show fear. Let nobody mistake what we do for pity. Further damage to the Americans' faces will not be tolerated.


Data Stick 9Edit

From: Colonel Pavel Archvadze
To: Guram
Sent: 11/11/2004 09:21
Subject: Tonight's Event


I just finished a conversation with Nikoladze himself. He is very much determined that tonight's event should go off perfectly. Planning and promptness will be key. I'm sure all of the men know their roles, but I would still like to meet in the studio for a walk-through / rehearsal at 1400 hours.

Colonel Pavel Archvadze

Data Stick 10Edit

From: Karlo K
To: Zurab
Sent: 11/11/2004 12:45
Subject: RE: Aggressive surrender

Frankly, I'm amazed that your loyalty runs so shallow. I have every faith that Nikoladze still has the power to force the Americans to back down. The 'Information Crisis' was just to get their attention, to throw them off guard and make everybody feel vulnerable. Nikoladze's real strength lies in the Ark and his plans for it, the threat it will imply.  The Ark will be the wound that will convince America that there are prices beyond which they are not willing to pay for world dominance.

I know, I know, I'm 'preaching' again. But believe in this, Zurab, we can still win this thing.

Karlo K.

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