Were you looking for the Cruise Ship, the setting this level takes place?

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Game Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Location Cozumel, Mexico
Date 27 February 2008 / 10:14 to 10:59... CST
Depicts JBA Crisis / Red Mercury Plot
Objective Plant the Red Mercury device on the cruise ship.

Cozumel is the seventh solo campaign in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher, following orders from John Brown's Army leader Emile Dufraisne, must place the Red Mercury bomb onto a cruise ship and detonate the bomb in order to test it's effectiveness.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

Secondary ObjectivesEdit


Mission OverviewEdit


Fisher begins the mission by calling Lambert to figure out his plan of action when dealing with this mission.

Sam Fisher starts the mission in his room on the cruise ship and his cell phone begins to ring. He picks up the phone and expects Enrica Villablanca, but gets Lambert. Lambert notifies Fisher that the Mexican authorities were notified of a terrorist threat on the cruise ship and have raised security, placing guards on the ship to search it for any suspicious activity. Lambert tells Fisher that he'll need to retrieve the Red Mercury bomb's frequency in order to disrupt it in the future. After the briefing, Fisher hangs up the phone and heads outside his cabin and climbs over the railing and climbs his way to the casino room. As he sneaks through the casino, he makes it to the security room and places a smoke grenades into the ventilation, causing the authorities to believe that a fire may have triggered, meaning they will clear the ship.


Fisher sneaking around the aquarium.

Fisher then heads up, reaching the drink bar and then reaches the elevator, the elevator was able to take Sam down to the pool deck. After navigating through the pool deck, Fisher reached the sauna rooms and climbed into the ventilation ducts. Because of the heightened security, Enrica informs Fisher that the bomb will have to be placed on the bow of the ship instead of the navigation room. With the security alert so high, the navigation room would be locked down by the patrols. Fisher reroutes his path to head down a zipline towards the bow of the ship. Upon reaching the engine room, Fisher is able to connect the bomb and attach it inside the room. Before leaving, Fisher hacks the bomb and acquires the detonation frequency. With all his objectives complete, Fisher opens the side ramp and jumps into the ocean and extracts back to the JBA Headquarters.


  • The 2007 Chrysler 300C, which the same type driven by Lambert in the last mission, makes an appearance in the casino room as the show car on the rotating stand in the center of the room. The Chrysler 300C was the promotion car for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent during it's release, making appearances through the game.
  • The casino games can be used as a distraction if the player needs to get by the patrols that guard the area. The player can cause the slot machines to 'buzz' by using the OCP on the Five-seveN.
  • The cruise ship is a level seen in both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The player has the option of letting the bomb explode or disabling it.
  • A "Nivea for Men" advertisement can be seen one the television screen when the player begins the mission inside of Fisher's room.
  • The TV inside the first cabin cannot be shot or disabled with the OCP despite it showing up on EMF. (PS3)
  • Inside the first cabin, by the TV on the desk are two Sticky Shockers. (PS3)
  • Sam and Enrica were staying in room 212, under the names Mr and Mrs Carpenter. Mexican police report them missing from their room.


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