Commandos are elite hostile infantry encountered in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Commandos are equipped with superior equipment and are far more dangerous than standard enemies, being quicker and typically equipped with Night Vision Goggles.

Description Edit

No matter what faction they are working for, commandos always wear black tactical gear and occasionally a helmet. They are usually equipped with a suppressed assault rifle and smoke grenades. They are best identified by their red thermal goggles which grant them the ability to see in the dark and through smoke. Commandos are usually summoned as reinforcements during Hunter missions or during scripted combat scenes, but also appear as regular enemies in later levels of the campaign, guarding areas like regular enemies would.

Commandos make their first appearance during the infiltration of Reza Nouri's private estate. They attempt to stop Fisher from extracting Nouri by the orders of QUDS Force but fail and are evaded/killed by Fisher. Several more teams of Commandos appear throughout the campaign.

Combat Edit

Commandos are far more dangerous than regular enemies thanks to upgrades in their behavior and equipment. They are far more aggressive than regular enemies, preferring to use smoke grenades to advance on the player's position while using combat rolls to evade gunfire. Their ability to see in the dark means that they can complicate stealth and combat by seeing the player when regular enemies can't, compromising a stealthy approach or making it more difficult to escape combat. Unlike Heavy Infantry or Drone Operators, multiple Commandos usually spawn at once.

Assault players are advised to take down Commandos before other enemies. The main danger from commandos comes from their ability to swarm the player and fill the screen with smoke, making it difficult to return fire. They are not much more durable than regular enemies and go down quickly under fire from an assault rifle. Because they are usually equipped with helmets and are quite evasive, going for bodyshots may be the best approach if headshots are too difficult. Thankfully, their red goggles shine through smoke, giving the player a target to aim for in the smoke.

Because of their ability to see in the dark, Ghost players are advised to take the high ground and look for opportunities for a Death/Knockout from Above on a commando. Their perception when it comes to seeing the player on high ground is not different from other enemies, making it preferable to approach them from above rather than on the ground, where shadows are useless.

Trivia Edit

  • Like previous enemies in the Splinter Cell series that wear a form of Night Vision/Thermal Vision Goggles, commandos can be identified by the glow of their optical lights. While the player can identify commandos this way, even with Night or Thermal Vision activated, the player isn't detected by their goggle 'lights'.
  • Commandos have a similar appearance to the Georgian Elite commandos from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.
  • Commando goggles turn off upon their death.
  • Commandos always speak in an Iranian accent.

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