[November 12th, 2004]

Morris Odell: Since the unexplained interruption of the webcast executions, no information of the captured American soldiers has surfaced.

Morris Odell: ...has instated a complete media blackout regarding diplomatic negotiations between the US and China. Authorities warn of the very real possibility of Georgian mercenaries releasing falsified news reports.

Morris Odell: ...the possibility that China was in any way involved in the still unconfirmed execution of American soldiers.

Morris Odell: the hope that the crisis can be averted before leading to World War.

End News.

In Game:

(Sam begins from a desolated road with Coen standing by beside her Van.)

Irving Lambert: We'll make this fast, Fisher. We need proof that Feirong represents a splinter faction opposed to the Chinese government.

Sam Fisher: Am I still on leash inside the embassy?

Lambert: Not at all. You're fully authorized to use lethal force. Fifth freedom with everybody except Feirong. We can't risk killing him until we've got proof. We're done with politics. This is war.

(If Sam speaks to Coen.)

Frances Coen: This is as close as we get. Lambert is worried about spooking Feirong.

Sam: We'll make it work.

Coen: Do good, agent. I don't want to go to war.

(Sam heads through a restaurant via two routes, either the front or the back kitchen door. A chef is cooking while two Embassy soldiers are eating on a table.)

Soldier1: What if it detonates on the way?

Soldier2: The Colonel told me that's impossible.

Soldier1: Why, everything's in place.

Soldier2: But it's not armed. It's actually a very delicate machine.

Soldier1: It's still possible.

Soldier2: Quiet! Just eat your food. We have to be ready to go in a few minutes.

(Sam heads to a ladder behind a shelf to the storage room above.)

Lambert: Fisher, you're gonna have a whole mess of keypad-locked doors to get around, and we won't be able to count on captured intelligence for the codes. You'll need to improvise.

(Sam heads to the roof of the restaurant walking through the adjacent building connected with planks. A guard patrols with a head-torch in the darkest areas of the wrecked building. He sneaks past and enters the balcony that overlooks the Embassy from the side he exited the last time he infiltrated. He grabs a cable wire zip-lining onto the wall grabbing the ledge and shimmies past windows until he reaches through an opening via a pipe that leads through the ceiling and into the Embassy complex. He finds himself on a room standing on a table.)

Lambert: We've got an idea for the keypad locked doors. Go ahead, Grim.

Anna Grimsdottir: The average temperature in the embassy might be cool enough that you could sense a heat difference on the keypads.

Lambert: It's worth a try. These doors are our only way forward.

(Sam walks into a storage room and squeezes through a blown up hole in the wall. He intercepts a radio chat.)

Technician: Colonel, we've wiped the last of the data sticks. We're moving on to hard drives.

(While moving through the narrow wall, Sam can see bullet-holes and damage on the wall overlooking a balcony, once he goes down via a pipe, he squeezes through the server room behind a wall as a three soldiers on the other side are attempting to shoot all of the computers. One is starting to shoot them.)

Soldier3: Idiot!

Soldier4: What? It's in a thousand pieces!

Soldier3: They can retrieve data from the fragments. The drives must be wiped and broken.

Soldier4: Yes, Sir...

(The two soldiers carry on shooting the hardware as the other supervises. Once they have destroyed all of the computers in the room, they go to the next room where a single computer lies.)

Soldier4: Sir, if we wipe this tower, we’ll lose Feirong’s financial -

Soldier3: Feirong said destroy everything.

Soldier4: But this would cut off our -

Soldier3: Everything! He said destroy it all!

(If they shoot the computer:)

Lambert: Damn, we’re too late. They’ve destroyed Feirong’s data, and our chances of avoiding war. The mission’s over, Fisher.

(Sam manages to take them all out and then uses the computer.)

Lambert: Grim, how does it look?

Grim: I don't know how much of this we can use. They've wiped clean most... Lambert. Take a look.

Lambert: Oh, dang. We just found the missing Americium 239. Back in a second, Fisher.

Lambert: New objective, Fisher. There's a convoy of trucks in a warehouse on the Embassy grounds. You need to make sure they never leave. I know you're not equipped with enough explosives, but...

Sam: But anything with a full tank of gas is a bomb waiting for a fuse. Do I need to worry about radiation?

Lambert: The components aren't assembled. You won't trigger anything nuclear.

(Sam intercepts another chat from Feirong.)

Kong Feirong: (Radio) This is Kong Feirong. Relay condition red to all troops. Repeat, condition red. Nikoladze has abandoned us. All men to full alert, I want that convoy ready to move.

(Sam heads from the server room to door leading to a staircase and heads to a hall room. A camera and some guards patrol while Same sneaks forward. He goes around a corner leading to a hall with doors leading to soldiers living quarters are two soldiers are sleeping and desk on the far side. Outside to the hall that Sam came is a door with a keypad. He overhears a conversation nearby through radio.)

Soldier5: Zheng Liang. We'll be pulling out soon, relocated your patrol to the main hall.

Soldier6: Yes, Sir!

(A patrol is going to the keypad-locked door and use the code to get through.)

Grim: Use the thermal goggles, Fisher. They should allow you to see the heat signature on the keypads.

(If Sam delays too much and the heat signature fades:)

Lambert: Find yourself a fallout shelter, Fisher. You've wasted too much time. That thermal goggle trick was our only way in. Mission's over.

(Sam heads to the door and must use the technique mentioned by Grim to bypass the keypad or must be quick enough to reach the door before it closes. He enters a main hall with statues, ornaments like vases, a Chinese flags hanging from the ceiling of a metal beam. Three turrets are positioned, one on the right side of the door as Sam enters, with a guard on watch, one above the far side of the Balcony, blocking access from the staircase, and one on the far end of the other balcony viewing the hallway. Sam sneaks and climbs on the platform where the ornament vases are and climbs further up to the adjacent balcony. From here, he can climb on the metal beam crossing between flags for cover. A soldier and a Colonel a crossing the other side of the balcony.)

Soldier7: Should we get an official order for this?

Soldier8: I must be with the convoy before it leaves.

Soldier7: I understand, but this is the only time.

(The Colonel gives access to a door with a retinal scanner to another.)

Soldier8: Thank you.

Soldier7: You're welcome.

(Sam shimmies across and catches the Colonel and forces him to authorise access to the door. Sam gets into an office room and jumps out to a garden in the Embassy with trees and lampposts. After the archway, there is a pathway decorated with wooden arch-bridges, gazebos and lion ornaments spitting water into an artificial stream with lily-pads and fern. Following the stream, Sam heads to a grilled door into a path leading behind a back area full of rubbish cans, with a camera and guard. He enters through a warehouse locker room and into the main complex. He finds himself at another door with a keypad recently used and does the same technique to pass through heading further in. Sneaking past more patrols and cameras, he walks on a catwalk towards a garage where active trucks are prepared to leave. A soldier is seen putting fuel on a fuel tank.)

Soldier9: That's enough, Ben. We've got more than enough fuel on board. And we need to get moving.

Soldier10: OK.

(If Sam lets the trucks go:)

Lambert: What the hell were you waiting for, Fisher? Those trucks were carrying Feirong's nuke. God help Taiwan. The mission's over. God help us all.

(Sam goes as close as he can and uses his arsenal to shoot the fuel pump which blows up and disables all trucks. Meanwhile the guards notice the commotion and are engaging to the warehouse, as one stumbles on his way.)

Lambert: Great work, Fisher. Those nukes aren't going anywhere.

Sam: And now, the General.

Lambert: Right. We think he and his computer are both in the ambassador's office. You'll need Feirong alive to access his data.

(Sam drops down a hatch nearby and heads to a tunnel with a couple of soldiers moving along. Sam intercepts a radio transmission.)

Soldier11: Goa! I need help! The General is trying to kill himself!

Soldier12: Where are you?

Soldier11: His office. Hurry!

(A soldier is rushing away and Sam follows to the end of the tunnel and to a keypad-locked door. Sam uses again the thermal technique and accesses a lift that takes him up to the upper Embassy floors. More keypad locked doors are on his way as he bypasses them into the Ambassador's office.)

(If Sam kills, grabs, or knocks out the soldier before he enters the code into any of the keypads:)

Lambert: Aw hell, Fisher. That was a bigger screw-up than you'd think. That guard was our only way to get past that keypad lock. You're stuck. Mission's over.

(Sam encounters Kong Feirong who, in a drunken state, executed two soldiers that attempted to get him and notices Sam.)

Feirong: I'm... going to shoot myself.

Sam: Not in the face.

Feirong: *Chuckles* You are American. You are the cause of all my sorrows, yes? Perhaps you will do me the favor of killing me.

(Feirong stands up with his pistol in hand, walks around his desk, and starts shooting in Sam's direction, though he is clearly drunk and his aim is all over the place. After a few shots, he takes a swig of liquor and begins to ramble.)

Feirong: Chinese special forces are coming for me. I want them to find a corpse!

(Shoots some more, takes another swig.)

Feirong: I will not be a key unlocking the way to peace with the Americans!

(Shoots some more, takes another swig.)

Feirong: I have drowned a bottle of poison with a bottle of the ambassador’s good liquor. But I would rather die a soldier’s death!

(Shoots some more, takes another swig.)

Feirong: Do me the favor!

(Shoots some more, takes another swig.)

Feirong: China is strong! The Republic is strong! It only needs to be pushed into war. The Empire, Taiwan, it only needs to be pushed a little bit!

(Shoots some more and takes one final swig.)

Feirong: Nikoladze abandoned me! Fled! Weak! Come on, American!

(Sam grabs him. He can interrogate him.)

Sam: I'm going to unlock the data on your computer, and you're going to help me.

Feirong: Go to hell! You can't force a dead man into anything.

Sam: You're not dead yet. The rest of your life is all you've got and how painful that is depends on your cooperation.

Feirong: My life was suffering long before you got here. Do you worst!

Sam: Hmm... Will do.

(If Sam keeps interrogating him.)

Sam: Where did Nikoladze run to?

Feirong: I don't know, I don't care!

Sam: You owe the man no loyalty. He fled, he betrayed you.

Feirong: I hope you find and kill him. But I do not know where he is.

(If Sam keeps interrogating more.)

Feirong: Kill me, American. Do us both a favor.


Feirong: You and your fascist government can go to hell.

(Sam forces Feirong to log in to his computer and extract the data. Once done, Feirong immediately succumbs to the poisoned liquor he was drinking.)

Lambert: Fantastic work, Fisher.

Sam: I see more suicides on this job...

Lambert: Grim, how does the data look?

Grim: Solid. This completely separates Feirong from the Chinese government.

Lambert: Fantastic. Get the relevant stuff to the Join Chiefs. We'll forward the same to China through the CIA. Fisher, we're done in Myanmar. Meet Coen and get the hell out of there.

(Sam heads out of the office, as a sudden explosion emits near the next rooms. Fire starts to blaze in the Embassy complex.)

Soldier13: Yen! We lost control of a document fire! It's already past the...

(Sam escapes the blazing hallways and goes through a fire exit staircase and out from a window to the Embassy garden. He then heads to the Osprey hovering above a helipad.)

End Mission.