[Russian Airspace]

[November 9th, 2004 20:05 hours]

(Aboard the Osprey, Sam Fisher tends to the badly wounded Vernon Wilkes, Jr.)

Wilkes: I'm... killed. They shot me. I don't want to die.

Sam: You'll be alright.

Wilkes: What's it supposed to feel like? You've been shot more than anybody I know. I don't... I... I'm gonna be okay.

Sam: Wilkes...

Wilkes: I'm gonna... I'll live.

Sam: You're dying, Wilkes.

Wilkes: *quietly* I'm not gonna make it...

(Wilkes takes in his last breath and dies. Sam is clearly devastated.)

Irving Lambert: (through Sam's earpiece) Are you alright?

Sam: Is that a joke?

Lambert: I'm... sorry.

(The Osprey makes a sudden right turn)

Sam: We're turning.

Lambert: You're headed for Myanmar. Your mission's not over.

Sam: What about Wilkes?

Lambert: We're scrambling for a replacement. We've got a runner in Japan we could borrow. A woman named Coen.

Sam: What's in Myanmar?

Lambert: Nikoladze. We used the Kalinatek data to pinpoint him at the Chinese Embassy in Rangoon.

Sam: Chinese support for the Georgians?

Lambert: The political situation isn't good. If they are backing Nikoladze, you'd better find rock-solid proof. I don't want to go into World War III without a good reason.


Lambert: You've got some time before you reach Rangoon. Want me to connect you to a secure phone line so you can talk to Sarah?

Sam: No.

(Lambert turns off his computer and leaves Sam to grieve for his fallen colleague and friend.)

End cutscene.


[November 10th, 2004]

Morris Odell: Disaster was narrowly averted at the Pickett Gap water treatment plant in Tennessee. Plant management attribute the malfunction to a remote viral attack, possibly the latest act of terror in the Georgian Information Crisis.

Morris Odell: Still have no leads in the search for Kombayn Nikoladze. NATO and charity groups working in Azerbaijan continue to uncover the corpses left from what was only the beginning of the Georgian president's campaign of hi-tech terror.

Morris Odell: If not for the swift intervention of plant employees, hundreds, or even thousands could have become life-threateningly ill from contaminated water.

Civilian: They say we're 'safe and alright', but then they tell us to boil our water!

Morris Odell: Seeing the disaster averted at Pickett Gap, a possible turning point in the Georgian Information Crisis. Marking the first time American authorities were able to recognize and overcome one of Nikoladze's acts of terror.

[November 11th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...described early diplomatic negotiations with China 'a mixture of silence and antagonism'. The Chinese claim that the US are using suspicions of Georgian support as an unfounded excuse to inspect Chinese weapon stores. And have so far, refused cooperation.

Morris Odell: If possible, lending an even greater urgency to the search for Kombayn Nikoladze.

End News.


[November 6th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...has cleared Russia of any support for Kombayn Nikoladze or involvement in the Georgian Information Crisis. Though tensions have eased on one front, the situation...

[November 7th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...the latest attack in Kombayn Nikoladze's Information Crisis. 37 security and emergency services personnel have been declared dead, with unknown casualties among employees at the dam.

[November 8th, 2004]

Morris Odell: All non-essential personnel from the American Embassy in China were called back to the States earlier today in what analysts speculate could be preparation for Chinese hostilities.

[November 9th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...two days without updates as to health and well-being of the captured American Soldiers, whose families today will be granted a personal audience with Vice President...

[November 8th, 2004]

Morris Odell: Relations with China were already strained over disarmament negotiations, and the suspicion of involvement in the Georgian Information Crisis may very well push both sides...

End News.

In Game:

(Sam starts behind an alley along with Frances Coen parked nearby with her van.)

Irving Lambert: (Radio) Your contact is in place. Our man in Burma. Or Myanmar.

Sam Fisher: Whatever. Where do I find him?

Lambert: A rooftop a few blocks from the embassy. Says he's under a large red sign. He'll respond to the phrase, 'a bright cold day in April'.

Lambert: We've updated your OpSat. To be clear: if you kill anybody, this mission's over. If you slip up this one...

Sam: I'll find a fallout shelter and learn some prayers.

Lambert: I'm glad you understand. Be good.

(If Sam talks to Frances)

Frances Coen: OK pal, we're here. This is as close as we can safely get in the vehicle. I can't overemphasize how sensitive this mission is. We can't have a single casualty.

Sam: Shouldn't be a problem.

Coen: Lambert will give you a position for our contact as you get closer. He said to stay mobile to avoid detection.

Sam: I'll find you when the job's done.

Coen: Good luck. And... My condolences to Lieutenant Wilkes. I understand he was a good man.

Sam: I'll find you when the job's done.

(If Sam keeps talking to Coen)

Coen: I do hope we'll get along. Your profile at the Fort said you wouldn't have trouble working with a woman.

Sam: It doesn't worry me. Don't bring up Wilkes again.

Coen: Eh, sure, sure. Good luck.

(Sam proceeds to walk near a dead end of the alleyway and scaffolds onto the rubbish can and over the wall. He goes near the end of the alleyway as Chinese military is patrolling the area. He sneaks through the streets, climbing up buildings and scaffolding to cross his way around undetected and reaches an open road he has to cross. Once on the other side, he goes to a manhole and descends down to the sewers. In the sewers, he follows the channel that leads around the corner. A squad of three Chinese soldiers is walking through the channel while chatting.)

Soldier1: ...We are not baiting them. We are fishing with dynamite.

Soldier2: Nuclear dynamite?

Soldier1: America is a big fish.

Soldier2: I hope the General has the nerve to follow this through.

Soldier1: The General would skin himself alive, for the empire.

Soldier3: And it's not wise to question him.

Soldier2: Who's questioning? I've come this far. I would follow him to my grave.

Soldier1: I too would follow him to your grave.

Soldier3: Me too.

(The soldiers walk through the channel and to checking around the sides.)

Soldier2: The Georgians are never stalling.

Soldier1: Nikoladze is a great man.

Soldier2: Yes, of course. But his deputies.

Soldier1: The Colonels... I would do without.

Soldier3: What about Grinko?

Soldier2: He frightens me.

Soldier1: Me too.

Soldier3: The man has eyes like a reptile.

Soldier1: He is a good soldier. He'll make an excellent sacrifice.

Soldier3: Sacrifice?

Soldier1: Yes...

Soldier3: I don't know.

(Soon the Soldiers end upon a curved path and stop to speak for a bit.)

Soldier3: I don't think we can beat the Americans.

Soldier2: But what about the Ark? What about the General's device? We've got.

Soldier1: Of course we can hurt them. But America has spread too far. We could never crush all the cells.

Soldier3: Not this again.

Soldier2: What?

Soldier3: Tang's got this idea about fast food restaurants and amusement parks.

Soldier1: They have the American version of terrorist cells.

Soldier3: You know. Small, widely scattered, independent, high tech, coordinated propaganda centers.

Soldier2: Aren't you clever?

Soldier1: You will see. We can kill their soldiers and flatten their capitals. But we will never beat their hamburger stands.

Soldier3: This is why I hate being on patrol with Tang.

(The soldier's press forward as Sam moves along from behind. He reaches to a point where a hole leads to the surface and jumps up a ladder, then gets out from the manhole and out of soldier detection. Nearby there is some scaffolding that Sam climbs and enters through a half-built building. He finds a man in a suit, the contact under the large red sign.)

Sam: It's a bright cold day in April.

Agent: Good, good. Take this, Ok? *Hands him a data stick.* You late, but you here. OK, we need to do this quickly.

Sam: Go ahead.

Agent: That map will show you the General's office in the courtyard.

Sam: I thought it was the ambassador's office.

Agent: It was. But some Chinese General has been using it. You can see for yourself. You can get into the embassy grounds through the rear service entrance.

Sam: Is there a gate?

Agent: Yes, but a delivery truck will be pulling through shortly. You can sneak in past the truck. No problem. But you'll only have one chance at it.

Sam: Solid work.

Agent: I'm very good at my job. Ok, bye bye.

(If Sam talks to him again.)

Sam: Who's this Chinese General?

Agent: I don't know. But he brought a whole battalion with him.

(If Sam talks to him more.)

Sam: What do the locals know?

Agent: It's not so good here. We've learned not to ask questions.

(If Sam keeps talking.)

Agent: Please go, the more we talk, the more danger.

(The contact steps aside as Sam walks past and rappels down the sign. He continues further down the streets and goes near another ladder to climb.)

Lambert: Word of caution, Fisher. That truck's going to be your only chance to get inside the embassy. Don't blow it.

Sam: Is there something going on I don't need to know?

Lambert: All you need to know is this: If you do find Nikolazde in there, be ready to scrabble. One wrong step could mean war. If anybody in the embassy triggers an alarm, we're pulling you out, the mission's over.

(If an alarm does get triggered at this point:)

Lambert: Oh my God. We’re not gonna be able to talk our way out of this. I think this means war. Mission’s over, Fisher. God help us all.

(Sam reaches the rear entrance with a guard post set up on the gate. A truck came in there to provide a distraction.)

Guard: Hello.

Driver: Hey, it's me again.

Guard: May I see your papers?

Driver: This is the seventh time tonight. Can't we give the papers a rest?

Guard: This protocol comes directly from Feirong. Let me see your I.D. Thank you... Authorization should only take a minute. *Some seconds later.* Very good, you're cleared. Have a good night.

(The gate closes. If Sam is not inside:)

Lambert: Dammit, Fisher! That truck was our only chance at a quiet entry into the embassy.

Sam: So I go in noisy?

Lambert: No way. The mission’s over. Get out of there.

(Sam heads around the gardens to the main area and notices the General sitting by the desk from the window. Sam uses his laser mic to intercepts his call.)

Kong Feirong: Give me three more days. The devices can be armed in one and placed the next. Of course the Ark. But you know the details. We need to strike together or we may as well not strike at all. Nikoladze, listen to me. Because you will reveal us. That's ridiculous, how could they listen? That's paranoia, but fine, fine. No, fine. We will have a safe conversation. I will call you back from my car.

Lambert: Good lord, Fisher, that's General Kong Feirong.

Sam: Good lord, who's that?

Lambert: He was Chairman of China's central military commission until '01. Very high PLA muck-a-muck.

Sam: A Chinese General talking to Nikoladze isn't good news.

Lambert: Whatever he's going to say when that conversation resumes just became our highest priority. Stay with him. Time to get invisible. Anybody so much as sees you and the mission's over.

(If anybody sees Sam before the rest of the conversation is recorded:)

Lambert: What the hell was that? We only had one chance at solid intelligence and you fouled it up. The mission’s over. God help us, this might mean war. The mission’s over!

(Soon a limousine comes into view with Feirong on the back and Sam intercepts more chatter.)

Feirong: ...not the only ones I'm worried about eavesdropping. They are just the more (inaudible). Of course. How many times will the signal be re-routed? You also believed your Kola Peninsula base untraceable. I understand the psychology of war. Yes, yes. I've attended many executions, but never Americans. Hold on a second. Driver, how far away is Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats?

Limo Driver: Ten minutes, maybe more. But we'll have to scan the police chat along the way.

Feirong: No, it's not worth the trouble. I will just watch the broadcast like everyone else. *Laughs sadistically* Yes, too true. *Laughs again* You are a wicked man, Mr. Nikoladze. I hope your performance goes well. Take care.

Lambert: They're going to execute the soldiers!

Sam: Sounds like it.

Lambert: You've got to stop them. Rendezvous with Coen, I'll forward her the coordinates for Mooke...

Sam: Mouke Tsoe Bo.

Lambert: Right.

Sam: 'Auspicious hunting ground'.

Lambert: Damn straight. The time for subtlety is over. Rendezvous with Coen, she's waiting on the far side of the wall behind the gatehouse. I need to get this to the Joint Chiefs, see if this means war.

(Sam sneaks by the Embassy garden to a wall and climbs above it and out. Coen is waiting with her Van on the side as Sam approaches her.)

Coen: Hop in the back, we gotta go. Grab hold of something!

End Mission.