Were you looking for the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, the setting this level takes place?

Chinese Embassy
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Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Location Chinese Embassy, Yangon, Myanmar
Date 11th November 2004 / 20:13 to 22:35 Hours
Depicts Georgian Information Crisis
Objective Find the Georgian/Chinese Connection.
"Good lord, Fisher, that's General Kong Feirong."
Irving Lambert to Sam Fisher[src]

Chinese Embassy is the seventh solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must infiltrate the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar and prove any suspected connection between Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze and the People's Republic of China.


Using intelligence gleaned from the pickett gap program, Third Echelon has traced communications between Nikoladze and the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar. Any suspected connection between Nikoladze and the People's Republic of China must be proven before any action can be taken.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Rendezvous with the agency contact.
  • Trail Kong Feirong to his car and laser mic it to intercept his conversation.
  • Collect intelligence from the Embassy with the laser mic.
  • Do not get seen or raise enemy suspicion at all until the conversation has been caught.
  • Any Embassy fatalities will result in mission failure.
  • Rendezvous with Coen for transportation to Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats.
  • Any alarm sounded will result mission failure.
  • Follow the truck into the Embassy grounds from the warehouse.

Notes Edit

  • CIA contact is standing beneath a large red sign.

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Chinese Embassy

Mission OverviewEdit


Sam Fisher talks to Francis Coen.

Sam Fisher had to infiltrate the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar to discover if the People's Republic of China General Kong Feirong was working with Kombayn Nikoladze in the Georgian Information Crisis, attacks against the United States. After the death of Vernon Wilkes, Jr. during the Kalinatek mission, Fisher was given a new field runner, Frances Coen, to help him. Fisher was dropped off in an alley a few streets from the Chinese Embassy and had to meet with a contact on a rooftop near the embassy. Fisher made his way through the streets, avoiding patrols and sneaking past guards that were protecting the streets.


Sam talks to the agency contact on the roof.

Fisher eventually navigated to a manhole and traveled through the underground sewer system which would lead him to the building where he needed to rendezvous with his contact. As he entered, he noticed Chinese guards patrolling the sewer system as well, wearing head lamps. The guards were talking about Vyacheslav Grinko, mentioning how he has "eyes like a snake" - and how he doesn't seem like someone to trust. Fisher made his way through the dark sewers and climbed a ladder leading out. Now above ground, Fisher continued on and climbed up the scaffolding set up outside the building and was able to meet his contact. The contact gives Fisher a map layout of the embassy and tells him that his way of insertion into the embassy walls is the rear service entrance. A truck will be coming in through the security gate, meaning Fisher will have only one shot to sneaking into the embassy's exterior areas.


Fisher uses the laser mic to record the conversation between Kong Feirong and Kombayn Nikoladze.

After the meeting, Fisher was able to repel down the building and continue his route towards the embassy. As he neared the security gate that leads into the Embassy, Irving Lambert contacts Fisher and reveals to him that a truck will be passing through the gate. This was Fisher's opportunity to sneak by and infilitrate the courtyard of Embassy. Fisher was able to infiltrate the Embassy and made his way to a good area outside the front to laser mic the private conversation Feirong was having with Nikoladze. Third Echelon was able to discover from the conversation that Nikoladze is holding United States soldiers in a slaughterhouse in Myanmar. Lambert states that Feirong will have to wait, rescuing the U.S. soldiers and stopping the live broadcast Nikoladze is planning must be stopped. Fisher sneaked his way to the wall along the side of the Embassy and make his way over, escaping in a parked van with Coen.

Transcript Edit


Intelligence gathered at the embassy links Nikoladze to Kong Feirong, a prominent general in the People’s Liberation Army of China. Additional information reveals that captured American soldiers will be executed on Nikoladze’s order during a web-cast from Mouke Tsoe Bo meats, a nearby slaughterhouse, in a few short hours.

Trivia Edit

  • Fisher's tactical suit is cut at the arms, presumably due to this mission location in which it is warmer in temperature.
  • Some Chinese guards wear headgear with a flashlight at the side; this is the first level this device they wear appears in.
  • This is the first mission Frances Coen appears in.
  • When Sam meets the agency contact, his code phrase is, "A bright cold day in April", which is the first line of George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (or 1984).
  • This level is the first level that contains a sewer system section that the player has to navigate through in the Splinter Cell series.
  • A guard dog makes its first appearance in the Splinter Cell series in this level, the dog appears around the Chinese embassy parameter with a guard soldier.
  • When infiltrating the Chinese embassy, Lambert gives the player strict orders not to kill anyone within the embassy. It is possible for one of the guards to get hit by the incoming truck, which still causes Lambert to lash out at the player, causing mission failure.
  • This mission is one of only two appearances that General Kong Feirong has in the game.