Were you looking for the Fourth Echelon member, Charlie Cole?

Charlie (CIA)
Biographical information
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Brown
Career information
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
"I don't know and I don't care - fix it!"
― Charlie[src]
Charlie was a CIA special agent during the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004.

Biography Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

During an operation where Third Echelon sent in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to identify a mole within the Central Intelligence Agency, Charlie was taking a phone call with an unidentified CIA officer. The phone call was regarding agency photographs of 'Red Bear' on television, with Charlie furious about the media having agency photographs. Charlie mentioned another person named 'Clarence', who may have had something to do with it, then told the unidentified person he was talking to to 'fix it'. After the phone call, Charlie hangs up the phone and proceeds to walk over to a vending/drink machine. After a small amount of time, he walks back into his office and waits around.

Trivia Edit

  • Charlie's name is revealed if the player distracts him during his phone conversation. The person Charlie is talking to will call his name, then tell him that 'he's hanging up'.
  • There is a computer that Charlie is standing in front of, but it doesn't contain any data sticks for the player to retrieve from it.

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