Were you looking for the CIA HQ, a level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell?


Sam Fisher stands at the entrance of the CIA Headquarters.

The Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters (shortened as CIA HQ) is the central office building of the Central Intelligence Agency located in Langley, Virginia in the United States of America. It is a site of major importance in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


The CIA Headquarters is a massive office building located in Langley, Virginia, from which almost all of the CIA's operations, both domestic and foreign, are directed and coordinated by the most elite intelligence staff in the United States. The CIA HQ is where some of the most sensitive intelligence in the U.S. is analyzed and processed, much of it through the facility's vast server system. It is from here that the CIA directs its efforts to maintain national security. It is a highly-secure location off limits to the civilian populace.


2004: Georgian Information CrisisEdit

Third Echelon sent in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to infiltrate the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters to investigate a mole working with the CIA. Fisher infiltrated through the courtyard and entered the building through one of the ventilation shafts located on the exterior of the front of the building. After making his way through the offices, he eventually found the computer that tunneled the information through to Kalinatek, a front company working for then Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze. Fisher grabbed Mitchell Dougherty, the person the computer was owned by, and exfiltrated out the back.



The Courtyard is located outside of the CIA HQ building in the front. The road asphalt continues to the front doors where an overhang is positioned. Along the sides are grassy areas with trees lining the sides. Besides the main entrance, there are two ventiltion shafts located on the front; one to the far left and another that is positioned ontop of the overhang. The venitlation area on the left side is protected by a fence with barbed wire on the top.

Server RoomEdit

The server room is located far into the CIA HQ building, the room houses a very large server computer that possibly contains all the information gathered around the world. The room is a bright white color with many different light sources connected around the room; the server is surrounded by computer farms dedicated to handle the amount of data coming into the server itself. Maintainance employees are usually in the room to make sure the server and computers are working properly at all times.


  • The name "Langley" is frequently used in the media to refer to the CIA Headquarters (as it is located in Langley, Virginia), despite other government buildings located in Langley as well.
  • There is a room titled "UFO Sightings" that is located near the designated smoking area near the roof area towards the back of the CIA HQ building. This is a reference to 'X-Files', an American television series.
  • Pictures of George H. W. Bush can be seen around the interior of the headquarters, in offices and along other rooms of the building. Additionally, the black and white picture of him standing on the CIA seal can be seen as well.

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