Sunday, Jun 24, 2007

(WNM intro and music plays.)

Morris O'Dell: The body of kidnapped American computer engineer, Bruce Morgenholt was discovered in a village in Peru this morning. Implicated in the kidnapping and failed ransom attempt is Hugo Lacerda a pledged leader of the people's voice, a newly formed guerrilla organisation.

Sunday, Jun 25, 2007

Morris O'Dell: Here we see the USS Clarence E. Walsh, en route to the yellow sea for the first assignment amid rising tensions in the region, dubbed the flagship of the twenty first century fleet by defense secretary Mason, all reaffirmed Americas commitment to our Japanese allies.

Defense secretary Frank Mason: It is our hope that the presence of the Walsh, now the most premier electronic and information warfare platform, will help defuse the tensions in the region.

(End News)


Colonel Irving Lambert: Information you recovered in Peru makes it look like Hugo Lacerda was contracted by a third party to kidnap and interrogate Morgenholt. His payment was in weapons. He is using those arms to equip his own men, and pay off his debts to the guerrilla groups. Maybe Lacerda is a nickel-ante loser... but maybe he learned things from Morgenholt that we don't want anyone to know. The Maria Narcissa is to sea, so there's no escape. Board her, search her, find out who Lacerda has been dealing with, and make sure he doesn't have an opportunity to spread what he knows. Fifth Freedom.

Anna Grimsdottir: What Morgenholt knew about the Masse Kernels, recursive computation and weaponized algorithms is akin to what Oppenheimer knew about atoms, or what Turing knew about digital computers. Project Watson... The United Nations investigation into the Masse Kernels will be remembered for centuries alongside the Manhattan Project as fundamental research that changed the nature of warfare forever. Imagine if Che Guevara had kidnapped and interrogated Oppenheimer in 1959 and you have a pretty accurate parallel of the situation we're in right now.

William Redding: We're going to the send the helicopter out about forty clicks ahead the Maria Narcissa and leave you in the water on her course. You'll board covertly onto the bow. Search the ship and the holds. Find about what you can about arm shipments and who Lacerda is dealing with. Satelite imaging shows the Maria Narcissa racks a small launch on the stern. That will be your primary extraction. If things go bad, we might be able to arrange to pluck you out of the sea.

Captain Arthur Partridge: We'll keep the Walsh inside of helicopter range of the target vessel at all times. If something goes wrong, we should be able to assist in extraction. If you play it safe, we'll recover you in the ships launch from open water once you're out of visual range of the ship.

In Game.

(Sam begins from the ships bow, ready to move along.)

Lambert: Fisher, we just pulled up Celestinia's last dry-dock report for the Maria Narcissa. They have a newly installed central alarm system.

Sam Fisher: Don't tell me. Three alarms and the mission is over?

Lambert: Of course not.. This is no video game Fisher. But you don't want the whole place alerted to your presence... Keep it under control.

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