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Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Location CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia
Date 31st October - 1st November 2004 / 22:19 to 00:59 Hours
Depicts Georgian Information Crisis
Objective Track down the mole in the CIA.
"Time to get to work, Fisher. Let me reiterate: We cannot afford any casualties. The NSA doesn't operate in the U.S. We don't spy on other agencies."
Irving Lambert[src]

CIA HQ is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to infiltrate the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, following a lead that a mole has infiltrated the CIA.


Track down the mole in the CIA.

Hours after the attack on the oil rig, Georgian President Nikoladze launched a devastating wave of remote, technology based terrorist attack as retaliation against the U.S. The only lead to Nikoladze's whereabouts is a mole thought to be operating out of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Any agency fatalities will result in mission failure.
  • Access the CIA central server to identify and locate the information leak.
  • Retrieve the SC-20K from the storage room behind the battery generator backup.
  • Tap Dougherty's computer to trace the intelligence leak to the Georgians.
  • Kidnap Mitchell Dougherty.
  • Take Mitchell Dougherty to the rendezvous point near the document disposal loading dock.
  • Incapacitate the CIA Security Officer speaking with Wilkes and Baxter.

Notes Edit

  • A pause in the ventilation system fan will present an opportunity for a more stealthy insertion.
  • The Main Server room code is 2019.
  • The Technical Services room code is 7687.
  • The Backup Battery Power room code is 110598.
  • The door override code for the weapons testing department is 110700.
  • Mitchell Dougherty's officer number is 508.
  • The Georgians are monitoring Dougherty's PC from the Kalinatek Building in downtown Langley.
  • Mitchell Dougherty smokes on average two packs of cigarettes a day. Extraction will be simpler if Dougherty is taken from the smoking courtyard.
  • The Information Retrieval Service Door code is 0614.

Data Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit

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Sam Fisher infiltrates the courtyard and must now make his way to the ventilation shaft, with Third Echelon creating a pause long enough for Fisher to enter.

After the Oil Refinery mission, it was discovered that there was a mole leaking information from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to Kombayn Nikoladze's communications relay on the GFO Oil Rig in the Caspian Sea. Third Echelon had to investigate the leak by sending in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher and discover who the mole is. Sam Fisher was tasked with infiltrating the CIA Headquarters, retrieving information from the central server and discovering the location of the mole working inside the agency. Third Echelon operations coordinator Irving Lambert reminds Fisher that the NSA 'does not spy on other agencies' meaning that Sam must not trigger any alarms or the mission would be over.


Sam inside of the server room.

Fisher starts the mission inside the front courtyard as rain began to fall and darkness had fallen over the environment. After a quick conversation with Lambert, Fisher moved through the grass, across the asphalt, and eventually climbed into one of the ventilation shafts hidden on the front of the building. Despite the currently late hours, security guards and some maintenance workers still occupy much of the interior rooms and hallways inside of the facility. Fisher sneaks through the front hallways and takes an elevator to the floor, where the server room is located. As Fisher moves out of the elevator, Lambert contacts Sam and let's him know that his SC-20K was left by a contact for him to pick up, but warns Sam to keep it holstered - no agency casualties.

After making his way through the building, Sam eventually finds the SC-20K and retrieves it, along with various non-lethal gadgets left next to it. With his equipment retrieved, Fisher heads towards the server room where he is able to locate the central computer and hack it. Third Echelon analyst Anna Grímsdóttir is able to pinpoint the leak to a computer in information retrieval, giving Fisher all the information he needs to continue on. After evading the CIA employees patrolling the halls and unaware of an intruder sneaking through the facility, Fisher finds the computer, located on the upper floors, and hacks it. The computer belongs to Mitchell Dougherty, meaning he is the mole that has been leaking sensitive information to the Georgians. After digging through the computer files, Grímsdóttir also finds that the information was being received at 'Kalinatek' in Virginia. Suddenly, someone finds out that Grim is hacking into the server and locks her out. Lambert tells Sam to capture Dougherty and bring him to Wilkes and interrogation specialist John Baxter located at the back of the CIA HQ parking lot. Fisher grabs Dougherty on his smoke break and carries him to the loading garage behind the building, where he is able to rendezvous with the two NSA agents.

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Interrogation of Mitchell Dougherty reveals a compulsive disorder that moved him to hoard data on an insecure computer, thereby allowing an intelligence leak. Grimsdottir traces the leak to the nearby offices of Kalinatek. During the process, her intrusion is detected, necessitating an emergency infiltration of Kalinatek.


  • This is the first mission in the Splinter Cell series that involves infiltrating an American agency.
  • The CIA officers in and around the CIA HQ look to be using sidearms resembling the Beretta 92FS. Despite showing that they are suppressed, they sound as if they aren't when they are fired.
    • Additionally, the CIA security officers also use the MP5A2 and some officers can be seen using the Franchi SPAS-12.
  • Some elements in this mission is reused in the NSA HQ mission in Essentials. Including the weapon they carry and guard model.
  • Outside the CIA building you can overhear two guards searching another employee next to a van infront of the main entrance. The man the security guards search jokes about him being Islamic, this is a reference to the increased security around the United States following 9/11.
  • The player can enter infiltrate the building using two routes: The first route is the intended location Lambert wanted Sam to take, but there is another ventilation shaft above the roof (where the two security guards are talking to the CIA employee). If the player fails to enter the first in the allotted time, they will be forced to use the second vent.
  • During the section where two CIA agents are listening to audio from one of Kombayn Nikoladze's speech videos, one of them thinks he hears a cow and some chains rattle. This is in reference to a later level, Abattoir.
  • The server room resembles the one from Mission: Impossible . However, it isn't in an enclosed room and isn't secured by lasers.
  • In the CIA building it is possible to enter an out-of-the-way room containing UFO-themed items and a computer with an encrypted email from 'F.M. FBI,' a reference to Special Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files. Further exploration lets the player view a huge, unreachable records room as seen in that show.
  • In the CIA mission, Sam is told to go to "Information retrieval" department, another fictional department from Terry Gilliam's film Brazil.
  • There is a drink vending machine for SoBe Adrenaline Rush, a discontinued product from the company.
  • If the player looks in a food vending machine, they can find a package with Rayman's face on it.
  • In the GameCube and PS2 versions, a cutscene will play involving Sam disguising himself as a businessman. He will use an identification card on a security system and be granted access. He will then get in the elevator and go to the next area skipping a whole section of the original level. Inside the elevator however, he will remove the disguise. In the PC and XBOX versions however, nothing like that will happen, forcing Fisher to infiltrate the CIA himself.
    • PS2 version has Sam wearing his balaclava, while the original has his face visible.
    • Extracting Dougherty is easier in the PS2 version due to the doors opening automatically and a elevator to bring his body to ground level.