Blackwing is a Spies vs Mercs multiplayer map in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). This map features three main interior areas and a medium-sized outside area, with access to a broken roof area on the top of one of the buildings.

Layout Edit

The map is split into three main interior sections, with an open area with multiple vertical areas that Spies can climb, while Mercenaries can have a major advantage in the open space.

The Spies start off in a separate building that isn't connected by an interior, requiring them to head through the open area to get to other terminals in the map. This building is a three-floor building that has two directions of entries, both from the ground and semi-connected with larger building on the opposite side.

The open area has multiple large objects, such as trucks, containers and scaffolding/structures that Spies can use to climb on or use for cover. While darkness may aid the spy, the little cover in parts of the immediate map can make them a huge target against Mercenaries.

The second building is an office building that has two floors that both Spies and Mercenaries can access. Spies have much more access in this building than anywhere else, as they can climb to the top of the roof where a damaged rooftop can be traversed.

The third building is a prison/cell room that contains at least three levels with numerous cell rooms, cages and vertical design where Spies can move up and down stories. While Spies can generally move between cells with speed, if they are quick enough, the confined corridors can offer a challenge for both sides.

Strategies Edit

Spies Edit

  • The blue terminal, which is located in the office building, is in the main office room just across the street from where the Spies spawn. This can be considered one of the easier terminals to hack if players are playing the cooperative mission mode.
  • The prison building contains multiple small cells, but there are 'dug out' holes that connect many of them. Spies can crawl through these quickly to get a better tactical advantage or to flee from Mercs who have detected them.
  • The roof of the office building has a catwalk on the side that can be accessed, via some platforming, from the building that the Spies spawn in.

Mercenaries Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The office building has the UPSILON symbol sign the player can see if they enter into the front of the building. This may imply that this is UPSILON's base of operations, or one of them, that could have been abandoned considering the condition.
  • This is the first 'Operation' mission in the cooperative challenges that up to three players can complete. This map serves as a training mission for players and introduces some of the rules for the Spies vs Mercs rules.

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