Barrett M82A1
Barrett M82A1
Other name(s) M82
Category Sniper Rifle
Type Sniper Rifle
Cartridge 30
Magazine size 30
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appears in See Appearances

The Barret M82A1 is an antimaterial rifle, developed and manufactured by American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing.


Splinter Cell: Double AgentEdit

The Barret M82A1 is used in the shooting range at the JBA Headquarters during undercover-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher's infiltration into the American terrorist organization, John Brown's Army. The Barret M82A1 was later used by Sam Fisher in the Kinshasa mission during a pivotal moment in the game; here it was fitted with a laser microphone and is no longer sound suppressed.



  • Interesting enough, despite being a large caliber sniper rifle, the M82A1 has very low muzzle flash and features very little recoil in Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
    • Additionally, the Barret M82A1 has an unusually large magazine capacity of 30 rounds. This may have been for simply gameplay purposes, as the magazine cartridge attached to the bottom of the sniper rifle is not that long (more fitting for it's standard magazine).
  • Despite its appearance, the name M82 is never mentioned, this might be done intentionally to avoid copyright issues.

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