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Were you looking for the MCAS Banco de Panama, the setting this level takes place?

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Game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Date 28th June 2007
Location MCAS Banco de Panama, Panama City, Panama
Depicts NYC Cyber Attacks/East Asian Crisis
Objective Determined who paid MCAS Bank to organize Lacerda's payments for the Morgenhold kidnapping.

"Zherkezi. Is that some kind of dried meat?"

-Sam Fisher

Bank is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must intiltrate the MCAS Banco de Panama at Panama City, Panama in order to discover who paid the MCAS Bank to organize Hugo Lacerda's payments for Bruce Morgenholt's kidnapping.


MCAS Banco de Panama has been implicated in Lacerda's arms smuggling operations and has been facilitating deals with Lacerda and his allies. It must be determined who paid MCAS Bank to organize Lacerda's payment for the Morgenholt kidnapping.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Steal $50,000,000 in French Governmental Bearer Bonds
  • Determine who MCAS bank purchase the arms for
  • Enter the bank
  • Authorize the vault access from the three officer's panel
  • Exfiltrate to the extraction point

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Look for any suspicious transaction records

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Plant a series of false emails to make it look like an inside job.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • Delete the camera archives for the bank

Notes Edit

  • There are motion sensors linked to lights in the garden.
  • Laser sensors are active in the lobby and upstairs hallways.
  • There is a medical kit in first floor bathroom.
  • The door code to both security booths on the first floor is 3624.
  • The door code to the treasurer's office is 8645.
  • The door code to the president's office is 3490.
  • The key code to the bank's back doors is 3901.
  • The camera system is accessible from the second floor security room.
  • The door code to the main security room is 2306.
  • Guards patrolling laser grids have beacons that disable the grid locally.
  • There is a vent that connects to the security room from the outside.

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Bank

Mission OverviewEdit

After the incident at the Maria Narcissa which included the execution of Hugo Lacerda, Third Echelon wanted to indicate who was the contractor for paying Bruce Morgenholt's kidnapping. All Intelligence from the stockpile of arms traded through Lacerda's shipping, lead to the MCAS Banco de Panama. Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher was dispatched down there since he was in the neighborhood to break into the bank and find enough evidence so work with. Director Irving Lambert expressed his concern that breaking into a bank should act as an agency mission so the whole operation must look like robbery. Echelon managed to pull enough data about the bank's schematics through Fisher's previous mission at the specific location which took place in 1989. He was involved in a CIA raiding team about to pull a heist to find Noreiga's drug money business.

The bank itself was retrofitted with latest security measures such as laser grids, advance computers, cameras and a set of motion active lights decorating the garden, plus an electronic vault which he had to break in. Echelon also called in an expert in safe cracking a vault of that caliber. Sam was inserted over the wall and into the bank garden that is crawling with security guards. He made his way on the back and up the building to the roof. There he deactivate the locks on the windows which were magnetic via a console, but upon deactivation a spike came bellow the lobby, activating a laser grid. While rappelling his way inside, He was noted that the expert who would help him break into the vault, Thomas "The Turtle" Standish was ready to communicate. He briefed Sam on the procedure to crack the vault which required first to open the door leading to the vault by accessing three authorization locks from the Bank manager and treasurers office and another in the security office. Sam traversed around the bank finding the three locks and learning the gimmicks that this bank has, such as manipulating the guards to pass through security laser grids or finding detours and secret paths to reach the objective.

After that he reaches into the vault access and goes to the deposit box room to find some tools left by Standish, a Telemetric Lock Pick and EMP explosives used to detonate the vault. Once Sam manages to use the Telemetric Lock Pick which was needed to act as a dual unlock at the same time, he electroblasted the vault door and slips inside to look at the records. Anna Grímsdóttir analysed the data being message fragments from a "Dvorak" who she claims that there is no information about the person, however she found some deleted messages which are five-twelve encrypted, which through Echelon's opinion are related to the late Philip Masse and he was executed by Sam on the spot and it appears someone has access to similar data. Sam's investigation upon the records about the transaction lead to Abrahim Zherkezhi who used to work with Morgenholt on "Project Watson" and has gone rogue. It is suspected that Zherkezhi might be involved with the messages but it is uncertain.

Sam left the vault with the banks bonds which implied as a robbery and for extra measure, he planted forged emails to every computer in the bank to make the authorities think that the robbery was a conspiracy designed from the bankers. He exited the bank from the back and went straight through the insertion and out, having successfully pulled a heist.


  • This level is the first mission in the Splinter Cell series to feature motion sensing lights. The previous game, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, did feature a motion-based obstacle during missions, the motion sensor.
  • In the mission's briefing, William Redding reveals that Sam was familiar with this bank because he was part of a CIA team that raided this bank in 1989 looking for some of Noreiga's drug money during Operation: Just Cause.
    • Additionally, at the start of the mission, Anna Grímsdóttir tells Fisher that Operation: Just Cause was where they got most of their intelligence for the current mission.
  • If the player did not complete the opportunity objective of finding out Lacerda's Panamanian contact in the Cargo Ship mission, it resurfaces again in this mission. If completed, Fisher asks Lambert if he is headed to the Panamanian Canal Administration Building next, to which Lambert replies that he will send other assets (Agent One and Agent Two).
  • This is the only mission in the entire game, as well as the entire Splinter Cell series, where players get to use the telemetric lockpick.
  • The computer in the bank's vault has a screensaver with a piggy bank taking a coin.
  • This is the first level in the Splinter Cell series where the player extracts the same way they are inserted for the mission.




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