Biographical information
Died November 11, 2004, Yangon, Myanmar
Cause of death Killed by Sam Fisher.
Citizenship Georgian
Occupation Georgian Army
Rank Colonel
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
 Bagrat was a Colonel who served under Vyacheslav Grinko during the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004.


2004: Georgian Information CrisisEdit

Before the planned broadcast deaths of the American soldiers, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher was able to make his way into the cattle pens where the soldiers where being held. Vyacheslav Grinko sent down waves of men down to the cattle pens to find and kill Fisher, Bagrat was one of the individuals who went down to deal with him.


  • It should be noted that Bagrat living or dying by Sam Fisher depends on how the player deals with the forces that come to the cattle pens. It's entirely possible to kill all the forces or knock them out meaning Bagrat's death depends on the player.
  • The name "Bagrat" comes from Old Persian, meaning "gift of God."

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