Sam Fisher wearing the Alpha Ops Suit.

The Alpha Ops Suit is an Exclusive set of five pieces in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Unlike most of the suits in the game, the Alpha Suit is obtained beyond the game itself through Ubisoft's Uplay, and cannot be unlocked normally like most suit pieces in the game.

The player must register for a Uplay account on the official website to have access to the Alpha Ops Suit. If players have a PlayStation Network (PSN) or an Xbox Live account, they can connect their Uplay account with their PSN or Live account, and they will be all set to unlock Uplay rewards.


The suit's pieces are an aesthetic variants of five separate pieces coming from different sets including the Exclusive category. However, the suit itself offers its own statistics, mostly focusing on increasing armor. Unlike the majority of ops suits in the game this one comes with its own camouflage that the player can't change.

Alpha Torso and PantsEdit

The Alpha torso and pants can be obtained through Uplay for 30 points along with the Ghost Blue lights.

The Alpha torso uses the Nanopolymer Coating torso model with unique texture and the Alpha pants can be identified as recolored Raven pants.

Alpha GlovesEdit

Accessing the Splinter Cell: Blacklist website unlocks the gloves. To obtain the Alpha Gloves players have to go to ShadowNet; this website is a separate page of the Splinter Cell website that requires you to enter your date of birth and gaming platform first. Once you're at the website login with your Uplay or Facebook account. Once you are logged in register at the ShadowNet website. Once that's done you should be notified that you have unlocked the Alpha Gloves. The next time you play Blacklist the Alpha Gloves will now be available.

The Alpha Gloves is a recolor of the Sharpshooter gloves.

Alpha Boots and GogglesEdit

The Alpha boots and goggles can be obtained by playing the smartphone game Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spiderbot, which is available for free. You need to login with your Uplay account to play the game. Each item has to be purchased with the in-game currency. The currency are the points you get for beating missions. The Alpha boots cost 50 000 points and the goggles can be purchased for 100 000 points.

The Alpha Boots are again only a recolor of an existing model, the Stealth Nanofiber Boots, but the Alpha Goggles are completely unique design, which supports different camouflages. Be advised, a recent update gives you the alpha boots, so you don't need to buy them with Spiderbot game but you can always buy the Alpha Goggles.


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