Alpha Goggles are an alternate form factor of the "Colorized Imaging" version of the Fourth Echelon Goggles. The effective range is increased to 15 meters, it also has both NVG and Sonar mode.


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  • Alpha goggles

    4 messages
    • I cant log in either, the game does not recognize my uplay account
    • At least you got that far.  The app no longer exists for iPhone (if it ever did).  Supposedly it only existed for Android phones.  I find...
  • Alpha Goggles

    7 messages
    • Alpha goggles do not display in real color and have inferior range to other goggle models. Not worth the effort it takes unless you want to ...
    • The goggles the game provides is already good enough, the Integraded goggle is the last  update to 4E goggle, which has almost the same effect...

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