[November 11th, 2004]

Morris Odell: Though the evidence itself has not been revealed, US intelligence is claiming to have proof of China manufacturing nuclear weapons, a blatant infraction of international treaties. China has made an unmitigated denial of the charges, restating the belief that...

Morris Odell: Diplomatic talks with China continue to crumble. US military forces are mobilizing towards the anticipation of possible hostilities.

Morris Odell: China again denies any involvement in Kombayn Nikoladze's...

Morris Odell: Oh my God...

Morris Odell: Broadcast through the internet just minutes ago.

Kombayn Nikoladze: (Webcam) ...cannot allow my nation to be subjected to the blatant international despotism of the United States, or the cronyism of it's allies. The world is not yours alone. And the soldiers you send into it are all equally guilty of American fascism.

Nikoladze: (Webcam) At 5:30 PM, Greenwich Standard Time, the United States soldiers captured in a just war against their motherland will be executed. Their deaths broadcast for the world to watch.

End News.

In Game:

(Sam begins from the back of the Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats abattoir in a fenced open area and is about to move.)

Irving Lambert: Fisher, we're getting close to war. If Nikoladze kills these men on live broadcast, we're sunk.

Sam Fisher: Are we worrying about the broadcast or the murders?

Lambert: For now, the broadcast. It'll buy us time to stop the killings.

Lambert: Nikoladze is broadcasting from an antenna on the roof. That's your first objective, you'll find the rest on your OpSat.

(Sam moves to a point where metal grilled hatch blocks a spot where water comes by that can provide cover. If Sam goes to a shed where a lever can be switched. It will open the hatch.)

Guard1: I thought this was what made the pool drain.

Guard2: It is, I think. Maybe it's malfunctioning.

Guard1: It doesn't affect us anyway.

(As Sam leaves the area and goes to another where he intercepts a radio chat.)

GuardA: Colonel, this is Badri. The landmines are in place; make sure nobody without a polarized thermal sensor enters the courtyard.

(Sam crosses the courtyard behind crates, avoiding contact with mines and a spotlight in motion and climbs up the roof by jumping on a rubbish can and on the ledge. He crawls through near a section of the roof that has windows showing Grinko, Nikoladze and the mercs preparing the broadcast.)

Vyacheslav Grinko: I want all identifying details stricken from the room. Keep the lights off of the walls. Give them fuller highlights. We need to clearly see their faces when they die. Where's our sound-man? Make sure we're close enough to hear prayers.

(If Sam steps on the roof's tin surface.)

Guard3: There's something on the roof. Should we check it out?

Guard4: Eh, it's probably another rat. I don't want to miss the executions.

(If Sam steps on the surface a second time.)

Guard4: That's not a rat! Let's go!

(If Sam manages to reach the antenna and shuts it down.)

Guard5: What the hell just happened? The broadcast antenna is down. We've got no outgoing signal.

Colonel Bagrat: We're under attack. The Americans are here. They've taken out the broadcast antenna.

Grinko: Get Nikoladze out of here. I want his helicopter airborne, now! I want a squad of technicians with an armed escort on the roof, and repairing that antenna. I want the Americans found and killed.

Colonel Bagrat: Yes, Sir.

(Nikoladze leaves the meeting while guards prepare to investigate the roof.)

Lambert: Sound's like you shook things up pretty well. But it's only gonna buy us a few minutes. Find those soldiers, Fisher.

(Sam sneaks into the door of the roof and goes lower through the stairs. He intercepts a radio signal)

Soldier1: We have Nikoladze on board. Estimated departure in....

(Sam heads to a bathroom overlooking bellow a balcony and drops down, moving out through the halls. He intercepts another chat.)

Kombayn Nikoladze: Grinko, this is Nikoladze. Kill the American soldiers. Take them to the studio and kill them. We'll release the footage whenever we can. Tell Feirong we're moving ahead; I'll retrieve the Ark.

(While Sam presses on through the halls, he gets another chat.)

Grinko: This is Grinko. I want the American soldiers prepped and in the studio; the executions are going forward as planned.

Soldier2: Yes, Sir.

(Sam overhears some other Soldiers speak.)

Soldier3: That was Grinko. He wants us to escort the soldiers to the studio.

Lambert: You copy that, Fisher? The executions are going forward.

Sam: I heard. We got any more diversions?

Lambert: Your gun's full of them. Make sure that escort doesn't reach our troops.

(If Sam finds a Soldier sitting on a desk and grabs him from behind then interrogates.)

Soldier4: What the hell?

Sam: Where are you keeping the American soldiers?

Soldier4: Grinko will kill me.

Sam: He's not as creative as I am. Where are they?

Soldier4: Ow! *Painful grunt*

Sam: Where!?

Soldier4: The basement.

(If Sam keeps interrogating.)

Sam: Where's Grinko?

Soldier: He'll murder you. He'll kill you all.

Sam: Where do I find him?

Soldier4: He'll find you.

(If Sam interrogates him once more.)

Soldier4: Kill me.

(Sam goes to a hatch and crawls into a tunnel and grabs a pipe taking him to the ceiling. He moves through and reaches another hole above three soldiers who are chatting.)

Soldier5: What about the broadcast?

Soldier6: It's not our place to question, let's go.

(Sam drops down and goes to a room where vapour clouds normal vision. Sam bypasses more patrolling guards and automated turrets. He proceeds to the basement via a sewer line and heads out to an underground barn with empty pens, chains, lanterns, hay are decorated there. Some cows are seen, slaughtered with lots of bullet-holes. More soldiers and turrets block Sam's way as he sneaks path everything. He passes near some guards who talk.)

Soldier7: Are you sure?

Soldier8: They've put him on a helicopter. Nikoladze has left us.

Soldier7: Grinko must think the Americans are here.

Soldier8: God help us, if they are.

(Sam continues further down the corridor and two soldiers are walking near his path as Sam hides under the holes.)

Soldier9: That's sick. I'm a soldier, not a sadist.

Soldier10: Come on, you know you want to watch.

Soldier9: I don't. Broadcasting murder is barbaric.

Soldier10: You're naive to think it's anything but history.

Soldier9: It's a pointless conversation. We're on patrol until the alert quiets.

Soldier10: Don't tell me you believe those American super spy stories coming out of Kola.

Soldier9: If Nikoladze believes them, I believe them.

Soldier10: Those stories are nothing but Russian winters and Russian vodka. We should be with the others watching the broadcast.

(Sam reaches the far end of the basement and finds more pens with two adjacent pens on the far side and two turrets aiming right at their directions. One side are the American soldiers and the other side are Chinese politicians, one of who is Long Dan.)

(If Sam speaks first to the American Soldiers.)


Right Soldier: I wanna go home.


Right Soldier: Grinko wouldn't let them torture us. He kept saying we had to look pretty for our execution.


Right Soldier: I don't want to die in the cesspit.


Left Soldier: Where are the other soldiers?


Left Soldier: We haven't eaten in two days. I'm not sure I can walk.


Left Soldier: Thank god, they were gonna kill us.

Middle soldier: You've come to save us. Where the others?

Sam: It's just me.

Middle soldier: Oh crap.

(If Sam keeps talking.)

Middle Soldier: I don't think I can help you. We're too weak to fight.


Middle soldier: They've treated the Chinese worse than us. There was nothing we can do.

(If Sam speaks to the Chinese.)

Back Politician: How could one human do such things to another?


Back Politician: I don't want to die.

Right Politician: I don't know why, they've let us live this longer. They've killed so many.


Right Politician: I think they know we know something.

Long Dan: You are American.

Sam: You're Chinese.

Long Dan: The PRC ambassador to Myanmar. I must speak with a representative of your government.

Sam: They hear everything I do. Shoot.

Long Dan: Kong Feirong does not represent the will of China. He is a splinter faction of the Chinese army, all of them fanatics and fools.

Sam: What does he want?

Long Dan: First Taiwan, with others to follow. Gifts to the PRC, he thinks they will not be able to refuse.

Sam: How is Nikoladze involved?

Long Dan: Trade. Feirong provides transport and munitions in exchange for weapons grade nuclear waste.

Sam: Does China know?

Long Dan: No, and unless they are are issued proof of Feirong's activities, I fear the certainty of war.

Sam: What's the proof?

Long Dan: On the computer in his office, my office, he has overridden and reset the lock.

Sam: I force him to open his computer and forward the contents to the PRC, and our countries don't go to war.

Long Dan: Such is my hope.

(If Sam kills or knocks out any of the troops or Chinese:)

Lambert: Good Lord, Fisher, what have you done!? Do you know what that murder will cost us? The mission's over. Get out of there!

(Once Sam finishes speaking to Long Dam, he intercepts a communique from Grinko.)

Grinko: Damnation. The Americans have taken the basement. I want all available men armed to converge on the basement. We'll kill them all.

(If the incoming soldiers kill the troops:)

Lambert: Oh, God. They killed the troops, didn't they?

Sam: I'm sorry.

Lambert: We can't politic our way out of this anymore. The mission's over.

(Soldiers are entering the basement pens while Sam defends the hostages from letting the enemy reach them. Once defeated, Grinko calls again.)

Grinko: Colonel Bagrat, Report. Colonel Bagrat!

Grinko: Damnation. I'm going down there. Nosenko, you're coming with me.

Lambert: Fisher, Kill Grinko.

Sam: OK.

Lambert: His men are mercenaries, their only cause is money and intimidation.

Sam: So once Grinko's dead, they scatter.

Lambert: Let's hope so.

(Soon, Grinko enters the basement shooting his way in. Sam manages to take him out. The radio chatter starts to panic.)

Soldier11: Grinko's dead! He killed Grinko!

Soldier12: Repeat that.

Soldier11: Vyacheslav Grinko is dead.

Lambert: Fisher, Echelon just picked out an intercept. Feirong knows that Grinko's dead and Nikoladze is gone.

Sam: That's not good.

Lambert: Get back to the embassy. He's trying to destroy the evidence that could keep us out of a war.

Sam: Right.

End Mission.