Other name(s) AA-12
Category Shotgun
Type Full-Auto Shotgun
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appears in See Appearances

The ACS-12 is an automatic shotgun. It is based on the Atchisson Assault Shotgun (also known as the AA-12).

Overview Edit

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Edit

"The ACS-12 is a fully automatic shotgun with excellent recoil recovery."
― in-game description

The ACS-12 is a fully automatic shotgun, making it a deadly weapon in close- to mid-range combat. The rapid firing of the ACS-12 is only offset by it's quick use of ammunition. Since the shotguns are not subtle in this game, its recommended for assault-styled player only.

Stats Value
Power: 13 / 20
Accuracy: 6 / 20
Range: 8 / 20
Control: 9 / 20
Magazine Size: 8 Rounds
Fire Mode: Full-Auto
Upgrades: 4 (Maximum)

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