4E Missions, or 4th Echelon Missions, are a new feature introduced in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In this mode, players can earn additional currency by completing missions given to the player by Fourth Echelon members or captives aboard the C-147B Paladin. These missions, for all intents and purposes, work as side missions that can be played either alone (solo) or with a friend (co-op), either via Split-Screen or online though Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Overview Edit

To access these special missions, the player must explore the Paladin and talk to specific Fourth Echelon members to begin the missions. These missions can then be accessed on the Strategic Mission Interface to begin the mission (talking to the character in question will prompt the player to begin the latest 4E Mission). Players can play all of the missions in cooperative, while 12 of the 16 missions can be played solo. The following missions available to the player are:

Briggs Missions Edit

As the main Co-Op story, Briggs Missions can only be played with two people. Sam Fisher and Isaac Briggs work together to stop a rogue division of the agency VORON, from Splinter Cell Conviction. Briggs Missions focus on all three Ghost, Panther, and Assault playstyles. Some sections are more Ghost-focused, where the player must not be detected or use only non-lethal force, while other sections have enemies swarm your position, but it is up to you how to deal with them. You can do it without being detected, striking from the shadows, or going full blown Assault. There are also some forced action moments, particularly at the end of the missions. Completing Briggs Missions rewards the Revenant Suit, the second Voron suit you can unlock aside from the Raven Suit.

Grim Missions Edit

Missions given by Anna Grímsdóttir are heavily focused on the Ghost and Panther playstyles. In each of them, you are tasked with hacking three devices without being detected. Failing to do so (getting detected during gameplay) restarts the mission and all progress is lost. These missions are filled with security measures beside guards like cameras, mines and laser beams. Completing Grim's Missions rewards a full set of the Stealth Nanofiber Suit. Only three of the maps are needed to be completed in order to unlock the suit due to the Billionare's Yacht Map being an exclusive Pre-Order.

Charlie Missions Edit

Charlie Cole sends you to various embassies around the world to retrieve dead drops, planted by friends of his. Your goal is to neutralize at least five waves of enemies before you can be extracted. From time to time, you have to bag and tag HVTs in certain amount of time or the mission fails, if the HVT dies, the mission fails as well. You can remain in the mission and continue to fight 20 waves in total. Defeating 5 waves in a row allows you to be extracted. With each wave your enemies get tougher, equipped with better gear and even joined by new units (like Heavy Infantry, Drone Operators) and guard dogs. Armored Infantry and Drone Operators will start to appear after wave 10. It is not obligatory to complete all 20 waves to complete Charlie's missions; you can complete the first six waves and go on to the next side mission. Although available shortly after the Blacklist Zero is completed, these missions are difficult for newcomers due to lack of proper equipment. These missions can be completed with the Ghost, Panther or Assault styles, being detected will not increase the number of the enemies but they will know your location and rush to kill you. Completing Charlie's Missions rewards the Ceramic Plate Torso.

Kobin Missions Edit

Andriy Kobin's missions are reminiscent of Splinter Cell: Conviction's Deniable Ops mode, and emphasize primarily on the Panther playstyle. These missions can be played Solo or with a teammate in Co-op. Players must eliminate all enemies within the area using any means necessary, and reinforcements will arrive if detected. However, unlike Deniable Ops, where each map is divided into 5 or more large zones, Kobin's missions consists of only two zones. Each zone has 11 enemies, if detected 10 more enemies will show up and there will be a checkpoint between zones. Completing all three missions unlocks the Ceramic Plate Pants.

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