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SCC 3E Black Arrow

Third Echelon's T1C9 Tactical Concealment Suit.

"'Third Echelon's T1C9 Tactical Concealment Suit. Used by Third Echelon field operatives to disguise themselves as mercenaries.'"

- Uniform Description

Third Echelon's T1C9 Tactical Concealment Suit (also known as the 3E Black Arrow) was a uniform in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.



Note that the crotch piece of the pants change color as well for each variation.

  • Default Variation: Green Shirt, Khaki pants.
  • Variation 1: Black Shirt, Jungle Camoflauge pants.
  • Variation 2: Tan Shirt, Desert Camoflauge pants.
  • Variation 3: White Shirt, Arctic Camoflauge pants.
  • Variation 4: Slate Shirt, Blue Digital Camoflauge pants.
  • Variation 5: White Shirt, White Digital Camoflauge pants.

Sonar GogglesEdit

The Sonar Goggles used with this uniform are essentially three tall, trifocal lenses held together by a harness all worn ontop of a cap worn backwards. However, if equipped with a Level 2 Armor Upgrade, these goggles end up looking much more military, now being held up by the helmet instead rather than a harness but retains its shape overall.


This uniform can be modified with up to three pieces of non-standard equipment to better improve operational capability.

Changes in AppearanceEdit

Armor Upgrades

  • Level 1: Two Knee pads.
  • Level 2: Helmet. Replaces hat and harness.
  • Level 3: Assault Vest.

Ammo Upgrades

  • Level 1: Harness with four Ammo puches. The third pouch (second to the right) has a magazine sticking out.
  • Level 2: Harness only.
  • Level 3: Left strap with additional Ammo pouch.

Equipment Upgrades

  • Level 1: Harness with three Equipment pouches at the chest area.
  • Level 2: Harness with an gadget at the back of the uniform, ontop of the belt area.
  • Level 3: Left strap only.


  • This suit looks very similar to modern German military uniforms when the first three armor upgrades are equipped.
  • Without upgrades: There are only three pieces to this suit: Hat, shirt and pants.

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