January 19Edit

  • Vyacheslav Grinko is a sniper in Operation UDAR in Afghanistan, with seven confirmed kills.

February 12Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton receives Bell-Jones grant for development of Group Strategic Positioning Software.


  • Sam Fisher leads a four-man Navy SEAL squad including Victor Coste (callsign "Husky") on a patrol along the "Highway of Death" in Diwaniya, Iraq. One of their men is killed by an IED and the other three are ambushed by the Ba'athist Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers. Coste is knocked to the ground and dips in and out of consciousness, watching as a Republican Guard soldier executes another SEAL and two other Republican Guard soldiers drag away his unconscious squad leader. Wofford Base order Coste to find cover, hold his position and wait for evacuation. Vic defies orders and find his squad leader, missing and presumed KIA.

January 16 – February 26Edit

  • Douglas Shetland is a laser sighting team leader in Desert Storm bombing campaign in Kuwait.

March 4Edit

March 12Edit

July 1Edit

August 25Edit

  • U.S. Army purchases GSPS software.

September 1Edit

December 16Edit

December 20Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton acquires level 4 security clearance from U.S. Army for proposed work with the CIA.


  • Norman Soth is a part of CIA operation REDBEARD, after which he spends nearly a decade arming and training the Kopassus to stamp down Timorese uprisings.

February 4Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton is hired by the CIA to develop a public key encryption system for inter-agency communication.

May 2Edit


September 21Edit

  • Darah Dan Doa officially formed, with possible links to CIA funding.

October 10Edit

  • Norman Soth returns to Indonesia.

December 24Edit

  • Suhadi Sadono assumes leadership of the Darah Dan Doa.


May 5Edit

  • Douglas Shetland's essay, "The Trojan World," is published in the monthly American Republic Magazine.

May 27Edit

  • Philip Masse flees Canada after RCMP close credit card scam.


  • The signing of the Dayton Accords in Dayton, Ohio, officially ends the Bosnian War. Dozens of Yugoslav war criminals, among them Milos Nowak a.k.a. the "Bosnian Barber", go underground to avoid being charged with war crimes.

June 18Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton develops ROOT HOG system for the CIA.

August 12Edit

  • Beginning of association between Suhadi Sadono and possible CIA operative Richard Arbor (Norman Soth).


  • Sam Fisher is discharged from the U.S. Navy.

January 6–15Edit

  • Darah Dan Doa "Week of Reckoning" in Dili, twenty-one confirmed civilian casualties.

March 9Edit

  • Dahlia Tal begins MOSAD training program.

December 5Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze is recruited by CIA Special Agent David Tanahill.


February 23Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze secures clerical employment in T'Bilisi Police Force.

March 14Edit

  • First contact between Thomas Gurgenidze and Sergeant Lortkipanidze.

June 4Edit

  • Mitchell Dougherty secured employment with the CIA.

November 2Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze is promoted.

November 4Edit

  • Dahlia Tal is recruited for Shin Bet.

December 31Edit

  • Philip Masse successfully breaches the CIA internal network for 114 seconds.


February 28Edit

  • Dahlia Tal is part of an agent exchange program with British Secret Service from now until April 12, 2000.

April 23Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze is promoted and gains access to Lortkipanidze's PC through server.

April 24Edit

  • David Tanahill's request for increased funding for Thomas Gurgenidze's salary is granted.

April 25Edit

  • Thomas Gurgenidze begins weekly transmission of Sgt. Lortkipanidze files.

May 4Edit

  • Norman Soth loses CIA funding. Intercepted chatter suggests increased involvement in Sadono's heroin business.

May 5Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton's security clearance is raised for live technical / strategic support on FBI operation EARLY WING.


  • The NATO intervention in Kosovo leads to the U.N. administration of the region.
  • Withdrawal of U.S. and CIA support of Darah Dan Doa.

February 15Edit

  • After joining newly founded Third Echelon[1], Sam Fisher is sent to Belgrade in Yugoslavia infiltrate a ship and destroy several missiles before they could be used by the enemy. After destroying the missiles, he infiltrated the hideout where the launcher was being kept, and found evidence to how the Russians were supplying missiles to the Serbs.

June 2Edit

  • Philip Masse is employed by Saudi royal family in digital security / industrial espionage for several oil-based corporations.


  • Supervised by the UN, the Timorese vote for independence from Indonesia.

September 12Edit

  • Douglas Shetland's essay, "A Better Fight," is published in the American Republic.

October 25Edit

  • Association between Suhadi Sadono and possible CIA operative Richard Arbor (Norman Soth) ends.
  • Richard Arbor disappears from record.

October 27Edit

  • Failed CIA assassination attempt on Suhadi Sadono.

November 14Edit

  • Philip Masse flees to Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia to avoid prosecution for "crimes against nature."


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